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  • IEBlog

    IE Chat Transcript online

    I just wanted to thank everyone who attended the IE Expert Zone chat earlier this month and point out that the official transcript is now available online . The chat was a lot of fun and included eating donuts as we typed answers furiously to keep pace...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    Importing a session key into CAPI

    I've seen a lot of non-optimal code to import a session key into CAPI. The attached code provides a utility function to do the import. Note: KeySize depends on the algorithm of the session key.
  • devi's blog

    Expression Web Designer, SharePoint Designer

    Last week we unveiled plans for two new products – Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Microsoft Expression Web Designer. Expression Web Designer is focused on the needs of professional Web designers seeking to build high-quality, standards...
  • 16.7ms in the life

    Tripod sings about romantic love

    I saw this the other day... definitely worth a viewing. WARNING: If you have a girlfriend/wife/S.O. and you game a lot, you might want to put on headphones or suffer facial contortions and rolling eyes.
  • Ben Armstrong

    The Neverhood under Virtual PC

    This is a truly unique game. In this game you control 'Clay Man' as he explores his world and finds out what his purpose is. The game is done in beautiful claymation with a haunting sound track. It also has a very intuitive user interface - the only thing...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded Student Challenge Support Site.

    Those nice chaps over at have setup a web site to support Windows Embedded Student Challenge teams. - Mike
  • Brian McMaster's Blog on QA, .NET, and VS

    ISU Tech Talk on WPF and UIAutomation

    I had the pleasure of speaking to the ISU students on Tuesday this week. I gave a high-level overview of WPF (Avalon) and Windows UIAutomation (vNext of MSAA). I wanted to go ahead and get my basic slide deck posted in case anyone wanted it. Sorry I don...
  • Windows PE 2.0 (aka Vista WinPE)

    Hello World!

    This blog, created by the WinPE product group, is the first step in an effort to help unite the existing WinPE community, and introduce people to WinPE who haven't used it. Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) is Microsoft's core deployment, diagnostics...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Response to this week's "unanswerable" from my event in New Orleans

    Welcome (back) to my blog. I received one particularly intriguing question this week that I would like to explore in this post. Q. Is it possible to customize user data in Outlook without requiring the user's permission? A. First, let's explain...
  • What's in Store

    My tryst with Destiny, err… Integrated Storage

    Hi, my name is Sanjay Anand. I run the Program Management team for WinFS. I’ve been at Microsoft for almost 12 years now in which time I have been involved with networking, security, messaging, file systems, and of course integrated storage :-) Prologue...
  • A Freaky Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog

    Hmm who can tell me what it is?

    I would like to find out what this Origami project is. Who can tell me more? Take a look at the website here:
  • All things tech

    Threat Analysis & Modeling at Microsoft

    I'd like to introduce you guys (who haven't already seen) the Threat Modeling blog my team has recently started. There's a lot of great information already up and there will be more and more details posted as we get closer and closer to the v2.0 launch...
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