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  • monoe's blog

    Facebook や Twitter で紹介した、開発に役に立ちそうなリンク集(2014年 8~9月編)

    Facebook や Twitter( @osamum_MS ) で、せっかく開発に役立ちそうなリンクを紹介しているものの、時間の経過とともに流れてしまって目に留まらないのは勿体ないので(じつは、自分であとで参照しようとしてリンクを探し回るハメになるので)、ある程度たまったらここにまとめていきたいと思います。 なお、リンク先はさまざまにサイトにわたるので、時間の経過とともにリンク切れになるかもしれませんが、何卒ご了承くださいませ。   Internet Explorer 編 IE9 以前に作られたコンテンツを最新のIEで表示した際に...
  • Microsoft Azure France

    [Tutoriel Windows Azure] Déployer un site Web Azure via Git Hub

    ------------------------------------------------------------- L’équipe Windows Azure vous proposera dans les semaines à venir une série de 12 articles incontournables pour tout connaitre sur Windows Azure , rédigés...
  • Technical Evangelists

    Die Farben sind zurück : Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor

    Mit Visual Studio 2012 gibt es zwei Farbschemata zu Auswahl Hell oder Dunkel . Bei den ersten Vorstellungen von Visual Studio 2012, bin ich absolut überrascht gewesen wie intensiv die limitierte Farbauswahl diskutiert wurde. Ich selbst bin da ja eher...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Monte Carlo Profiler -- symbols for assembly functions

    Posted by: Sue Loh I recently became aware of a detail about assembly functions showing up in the Monte Carlo profiler. I was involved in a discussion where someone was having trouble getting profiler hits for assembly functions. They could see the...
  • Especialistas técnicos da Microsoft

    Utilizando Tables do Windows Azure – Versão 2.0

    Olá pessoal, Tempos atrás fiz um post de como utilizar Tables do Windows Azure , que acabou ficando desatualizado devido ao lançamento de uma nova biblioteca para programação, maiores detalhes estão disponíveis aqui . Para o caso específico dos tables...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Is Clinical Data the Holy Grail in Healthcare’s Digital Revolution?

    Posted By Valerie Olague
    Americas Business Group Lead

    My Americas marketing team recently worked with Intermec and Fierce Markets to create a healthcare webinar that focuses on this question, along with how mobile devices power transformation in care, both within and outside of the healthcare provider’s four walls.

    As you have heard from Microsoft many times, we believe that data is the new currency for businesses, and in the healthcare industry, the identification, storage and analysis of data can mean life or death for patients. The ability to quickly access patient information can significantly reduce the time it takes for healthcare professionals to care for patients, from admittance through discharge. And today’s embedded technologies and products are what power the various tools and devices used within healthcare scenarios.

    These devices are becoming a critical part of healthcare solutions, including electronic health records and patient portals, which address some of the many challenges in healthcare today. And at the point of care, there are focused healthcare data management solutions that enhance patient safety (see “Five Rights Check” below) that leverage bar code imagers, mobile computers and printers.


    Comments Intelligent Systems

  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Bett 2013: BYOD in education session

    At Bett 2013, our Microsoft Learn Live Theatre will be host for sessions, delivered by teachers, network managers and Microsoft staff to reveal how technology can make a real difference within your institution. Our BYOD in education session will be delivered...
  • ImagineCup

    Imagine Cup TV Episode Four!

    John and Golnaz are back from their holiday vacations and they sure know how to party! (NOT.) We've got great news for anyone worried about the January 15 deadline to pass an Imagine Cup Challenge quiz, a peek at a new video about the adventures of our...
  • Christian Binder

    Entwicklung moderner Line-Of-Business Win8 Apps

      Windows bietet die ideale Plattform für Unternehmen den Desktop mit modernen Apps zu ergänzen und mit bekannten Werkzeugen effizient zu Betreiben. Darin liegt die Chance, mit modernen Business-Apps Kunden und Mitarbeiter zu begeistern. Informieren...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    Microsoft Open Technologies Announces VM Depot

    If you’ve been wanting to use Windows Azure but couldn’t because a particular open source virtual machine (VM) wasn’t available or you didn’t have the time to configure one, well you’re in luck. The newly released preview...
  • Microsoft Green Blog

    This Week in Sustainability – Big Data, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Policy


    clip_image002This week, CIO compiled a list of the Top 12 Big Data Stories of 2012, explaining how Big Data emerged into the news cycle with attention to how organizations can use their data assets as a competitive advantage. Big Data is a trend expected to continue to grow and develop in 2013. In addition, GreenBiz published an article discussing the relationship among data, sustainability, IT, and smart buildings. Using big data analytics to increase energy and operational efficiency is a growing trend in businesses. An optimized smart building will decrease energy needs, which in turn, decreases the environmental footprint and bottom-line. You can see an interview of Rob Bernard, Microsoft’s Chief Environmental Strategist on GreenBiz about how the company uses big data to increase efficiencies on its campus.

  • Christian Binder

    Gruppierung von Unit Tests im Test Explorer mit Visual Studio 2012 Update 1

    Mit Visual Studio 2012 wurde das Unit Test Framework in Visual Studio neu überarbeitet. Vor allem die Möglichkeit der Einbindung verschiedener Unit Testframeworks, wie z.B. NUnit,,XUnit oder native C++ Unit Tests, sind klare Vorteile gegenüber...
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