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  • Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Evangelism Team

    Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Industry Council

    Healthcare 2.0 Perspectives & Industry Impact - Blogs, Wikis, podcasts, social networking, mashups, and RSS have become mainstream. Yet, the overall business value and viability of the viral movement is largely unrealized within the Healthcare Industry...
  • Nicholas Allen's Indigo Blog

    AtomPub RFC Released

    There's a newly minted RFC 5023 out this week covering the Atom Publishing Protocol. AtomPub is an application protocol for drafting and publishing a collection of documents over HTTP. It comes almost two years after the related Atom XML syndication format...
  • Isaac @ MSDN

    Where's the Beef?

    One of the most common things people want to know about spatial support in SQL Server is when they can get their hands on it. While I don't manage the final CTP schedule, I can say that all of the bits are in (modulo a few DCRs and the inevitable bug...
  • Diary of a modern typographer

    További képernyőképek

    Sikerült még néhány képet elkapnom a SharePointv3-as Web Content Management és Biztalk futures előadásokról . Kizárólag értő szemeknek ajánlom ;)...
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Workflow Application Model

    I just found a very interesting blog written by Dave Green (an architect of the Windows Workflow Foundation). One of the posts explains the main motivations for creating a workflow framework. In general I am a big fan of the work this team has done...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    NoVaSQL September meeting

    From our friends at NoVaSQL : Good morning. The Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group ( ) is announcing its ninth session for 2005 to benefit IT Professionals (DBAs, Developers, Admins, etc.) in the Northern Virginia, Washington...
  • HeeJae's Blog

    블로그 ...

    오늘 시간도 남고 해서, 블로그를 한번 만들어봤다. 사실 뭘 써야 할지는 잘 모르겠지만, 뭘 쓸지 정하기 까지, 다른 분들이 쓰신 블로그 중에 맘에 드는게 있으면, 한글로 해석 해서 올릴까 한다. 내 소개를 하면, 이름은 장희제고, 현재 SDE - Software Design Engineer - 로 Visual Studio Team 에서 일하고 있다. 좀 더 정확히 말하면 C# IDE Team - Language Service - 팀에 속해...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    So Long, and thanks for All the Fish

    It's time to go back home. It's close to 6 weeks I'm in Redmond and I do appreciate all the Salmon, Cod and Tilapia. It's really difficult to stay away from family for such a long period of time. Tomorrow I'm heading back to India and a long 24 hour...
  • Richard Godfrey

    Microsoft Certified Architect Applications

    It's been a long time in coming but the MCA is a real certification as of the TechEd announcements this week - congratulations to all those (inside and outside of Microsoft) who have believed in the need for this and worked so hard to create such a great...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Tuning System.Net

    I love posts like this that explain how to tune System.Net . System.Net.ServicePoint has long been one of the classes with just enough information available to make you wonder what else you can do with it, but just enough knowledge base articles to make...
  • venkatna's (Venkat Narayanan's) WebLog

    Another Ajaxian Portal

    I just found about another ajaxian portal - . Looks quite good to me. It will be interesting to see how the page evolves. There are now at least four portals that i know of: www...
  • Nanda Lella's WebLog

    Windows SDK Beta 2 Online Docs

    Windows SDK beta 2 docs are now online. Note: : The Beta 2 content won’t show up in search for at least a few days while we wait for MSN to index the site.
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