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  • Eric Hu's Weblog

    Test-Driven Development and Visual Studio Team System

    Test-Driven Development (TDD) 是一個在軟體開發週期中比較容易掌控軟體品質的開發方法 , 這種開發模式可以確保所有的 requirement 都有相對應的 functional code, 也不會有多餘而不必要的 code 存在於產品中 . TDD 也是實行 Extreme Programming 的其中一種 core practice. 而利用 Team System 中的 test framework, 就可以幫助開發團隊實行 TDD. 所謂的 Test-Driven...
  • Ayman Shoukry's WebLog


    Hi All, This is my first experience with the world of blogging.My name is Ayman Shoukry and I am a software design engineer at the MS VC++ Compiler QA team. I have been in my current position for the last 5 years. I have learned a lot about compilers...
  • Visual Studio Graphics Debugging

    Get scroll bar information from autoscroll controls in Managed C++

    One of the early problems that I needed to solve when I started working at Microsoft was how to get the caller / callee view (shown below) to work properly. The difficult thing was getting three separate treegrid controls to scroll together (controlled...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Microsoft en el Cuadrante de Líderes de Gartner 2005!

    Ya está listo el reporte del año 2005 de Gartner , una firma de investigación y consultoría premier, con respecto a su análisis de la industria en el tema de Plataformas de Web Services . Este reporte fue desarrollado para ayudar a las compañías en su...
  • Jay's blog on text-to-speech (Now Defunct)

    Nuance allows for a custom voice?

    Interesting press release from Nuance stating that their partners are now able to create their own custom voice text to speech voice. I first came across this article on a blog from Nuance . It's too bad that this is limited to Enterprise solutions. The...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Técnicas para procesar mensajes grandes en BTS

    Stephen W. Thomas ha creado un laboratorio de BizTalk el cual nos explica dos técnicas para partir mensajes XML muy grandes y poderlos trabajar uno a uno. Este laboratorio expone dos técnicas para trabajar con el mensaje. Una es la utilización de Envelop...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    New Horizons lanza programa de becas en la región

    El CTEC New Horizons está lanzando un programa de becas de estudios para desarrolladores Microsoft. Este programa está dirigido a todos aquellos profesionales que desean incrementar sus conocimientos en el área de desarrollo utilizando las tecnologías...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    BizTalk Pattern Wizard

    Joe Flanders ha puesto para el público un asistente para la creación de proyectos de BizTalk que permite implementar cuatro patrones de software, ellos son Aggregator, FIFO , Interrupter y Retry . Al instalarse el asistente se registraran cuatro templates...
  • Live Search

    Tagging Feedback at MSN Search

    We find customer feedback quite delicious at MSN Search. To help the team digest the massive flow of feedback we receive, we designed a tagging and viewing system inspired by the faceted browsing system, Flamenco , developed at UC Berkeley. We’re very...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    'BBC ready to start selling online advertising spaces'

    Adverblog : "The BBC is not immune from the money attraction, and is about to start selling advertising spaces on its website, but only to overseas visitors. In an interview published today on The Guardian Ashley Highfield, director of new media...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    NoVaSQL July meeting

    From my friends at the Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group: Everyone, Good afternoon. The Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group ( ) is announcing its seventh session for 2005 to benefit IT Professionals (DBAs, Developers...
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Influencer Community

    FT Article on Corporate Blogging

    An article in last week's Financial Times addresses the continuing increase in prominence of blogs as a means of instituting a dialogue between companies and their customers. The article is entitled "The rise of the corporate blogger" and speaks to what...
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