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  • Microsoft Gulf Technical Community

    ecommerce, the impact of colour and examples of SharePoint powered internet sites

    This weeks post is a bit fo a mishmash, I did dally with the idea of reviewing this showcase-of-beautiful-and-fresh-ecommerce-websites as I’ve recently been looking into retail experiences with FAST Search, SharePoint & Commerce Server and have...
  • Christian Binder

    TFS 2010 : ANT, Maven 2 Builds und JUnit Support

    Updated: Die  Team Foundation Server Build Extensions Power Tool April 2010 enthalten die aktuellen Bits für  ANT, Maven 2 Builds und JUnit support in Team Foundation Server. In Kombination mit dem Team Explorer Everywhere können so auch ...
  • Dynamics Latam

    AX 2012 - Workflow processor shortcut

    Cuando un proceso de negocio en AX 2012 requiere el uso de algún "Flujo de trabajo" (workflow), es necesario iniciar el Procesador de workflow desde el AOT\Forms\tutorial_WorkflowProcessor . Sin embargo, en AX 2012 es posible adicionarlo desde...
  • Microsoft Azure Japan Team Blog (ブログ)

    TLS/SSL 暗号化スイートの機能強化と Perfect Forward Secrecy

    このポストは、8 月 7 日に投稿した TLS/SSL Cipher Suite Enhancements and Perfect Forward Secrecy の翻訳です。 マイクロソフトは昨年 12 月に、お客様のデータのセキュリティを強化するための取り組みについて 発表しました 。今回、セキュリティ強化および透明性向上への取り組みの一環として、Azure にさらなる機能強化が実施されます。既定のトランスポート層セキュリティ (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL...
  • Jian Wu's Blog.

    Windows Azure Caching - 公有云缓存分析及应用

    在前面PaaS实践3: 中,使用了Azure提供的缓存服务(Caching)优化云服务的代码逻辑,加快云服务的处理能力。 本文将对现有Windows Azure中的各式缓存服务进行分析和实际应用。 1.认识公有云缓存 Windows Azure Cache是基于内存存储的分布式、易扩展缓存技术,开发者可以使用Windows...
  • Deutscher App-V Blog

    Save the Date–App-V Tag 2014

    Hallo zusammen, Gerne veranstalten wir wieder einen Community Tag – diesmal am 27.10.2014 in der Microsoft Niederlassung in Unterschleissheim (bei München).   Für alle interessierten – bitte merkt euch diesen Termin vor – entgegen der Tradition ist...
  • Blog On Search

    SP2013 - Hybrid Search Topology

    Hi Search Enthusiasts Hybrid Search scenario is one of the major steps in integrating your SPO and OnPrem SP2013 environments. I just wanted to list down the phases and documentation links that are relevant in setting an Hybrid Search Topology....
  • MSDN and TechNet Services Status

    Issues with Codeplex 09/05 - Resolved

    Final Update: Friday , Sept 05 2014 05:50 AM UTC The issue is now resolved and customer impact is fully mitigated. We sincerely thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. ------------------------------------------------...
  • Premier Developer

    Planning for Support : Premier Developer and MSDN

    MSDN provides valuable subscription benefits for building software and creating test environments. This includes access to installation media, developer tools, online training, Azure/Office 365 subscriptions, and even basic support. Since most development...
  • CRM à Portuguesa

    16 dicas para melhorar a performance do Cliente CRM para Outlook

    Recentemente tenho trabalhado em alguns casos sobre performance de cliente CRM para Outlook e gostaria de compartilhar um resumo dos passos que recomendamos à todos os clientes da Microsoft. Estes passos podem ser executados em qualquer cliente...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Whos On First is a home run

    Notice there is no question mark after the title Who's On First . In 1945, comic actors Bud Abbott and Lou Costello performed a classic 5 minute baseball humor routine called Who's On First. Now over 60 years old, it still holds up as hilarious. In 1999...
  • XAML Chick

    WPF Data binding?

    So let's say you finally got the SDKs and bits installed and you are done playing with XAMLPad and working on UI and want to take the next step to add data...WELL how do you do it? Some of the articles I have found useful are: WPF DataBinding Part1 ,...
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