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  • All About Interop

    Questions on Interoperability? Check the Forums !

    Microsoft has migrated its interop discussion forum to a new forum engine. Find it at: There you can ask questions on Vista print drivers, .Docx interop, Web services interop...
  • MSDN | Portugal

    Uma Aplicação Inovadora - "O Meu Record"

    “O Meu Record” é uma nova funcionalidade do jornal Record online que permite aos utilizadores personalizar o site do jornal com os assuntos que mais lhes interessam. Esta aplicação inovadora nasce da parceria da Microsoft Portugal e da Viatecla , com...
  • bharry's WebLog

    TFS と分散開発に関する優れたデッキ

    今週、Bill Essary が、分散環境での TFS の動作についてすばらしい講演を行いました。この講演では、さまざまな TFS コンポーネントが通信するしくみが示されました。これらの通信パスがネットワーク トポロジに与える制約についてガイダンスがありました。分散開発環境で、これらの制約がどのように適用される可能性があるか説明されました。また最後に、さらに知識を深めるための優れたリンクもいくつか紹介されました。このブログ記事にデッキのコピーを添付しました。 Brian 投稿 : 2008...
  • bharry's WebLog

    Team Foundation Server 対応の OpenMake Meister のサポート

    これについては、サバティカル休暇を取る前にブログに書くつもりでしたが、計画どおりには行かないものです。 2 ~ 3 か月前に、OpenMake は、Meister クロスプラットフォームのビルドおよび配置製品における TFS のサポートを発表しました。この製品は、TFS のビルド機能と統合することにより、Windows ベースのアプリケーションに加え、Java、Unix、および zOS コンポーネントを含むアプリケーションをビルドおよび配置できるようになっています。 この製品を簡単に紹介する...
  • Ben Riga's Deep Shift

    Meet me in Houston?

    I’ll be attending this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston in a couple of weeks.  With my focus being on the ISV, I’d love to meet as many ISVs as possible while at the conference.  I’m particularly interested in meeting...
  • Tips of the Day on .NET

    VSTO, presto!

    Questions: 1) For VSTO, does the customer require to install VS2005? I’ve looked at the website and it does not seems like they need to buy VS2005 2) Let’s say an apps is using Access runtime. Can the user of the apps input in data through the apps...
  • Van Kichline's WebLog

    Setting scriptmaps: step two

    Now that we know how to call aspnet_iisreg.exe all we need is its parameters. Executing aspnet_regiis /? indicates that we want: -s <path> Install scriptmaps for this version at the specified path, recursively. E.g. aspnet_regiis.exe -s W3SVC...
  • John Bristowe's Weblog

    [Events] Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) User Group Tour: Regina

    Hello, Regina ! Yes, I'm here in beautiful Regina , Saskatchewan for the third stop of the Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) user group tour for western Canada . Tonight, I'll be speaking to the Regina .NET User Group about Windows Workflow Foundation...
  • Jamie's Junk

    Fun with Nested Tables and Sampling

    Last week Jason Carlson from Reporting Services asked me to help him build a model he was creating to analyze some survey results. He was trying to see how company related questions such as number of PC's etc relate to product related questions, such...
  • .NET Banana

    Are you getting MSDN Flash?

    Did you know that Microsoft puts out a developer newsletter with information on local events for devs? To make sure you get it, go to and check to receive MSDN Flash, then enter your ZIP code....
  • Tom Krueger

    Windows FX SDK

    Interested in getting ahead of the curve and learning about WinFX. Check out the preliminary WinFX SDK.
  • Cool Client Stuff

    Worldwide response to Tsunami

    The Tsunami disaster in Asia has been a sad and tragic event, but I think one bright spot amidst it all has been the amazing worldwide response to it. I don't recall the peoples of the world coming together this way ever before. Maybe the Internet has...
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