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  • amivora's WebLog

    February CTP Live!

    The February CTP is finally available for download, along with sync’d versions of the rest of the WinFX experience: the Windows SDK , the “Orcas” CT P for Development Tools for WinFX (a role that used to be fulfilled by Visual Studio Extensions for WinFX...
  • Richard Murillo on Software Development

    What you will find on this blog

    This blog will contain information about my group's adoption of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Team System, including best practices and lessons learned. It will also contain information about the product itself, including extending team build...
  • Advanced Workflow: Enabling Tricky Scenarios

    Activity "Lifetime" Methods

    QUESTION: How do I manage resources (like sockets) which are held by an activity? ANSWER: System. Workflow.ComponentModel.Activity has several overridable methods defined, but there is a newer subset of these methods which I like to refer to as "Lifetime...
  • Virtual Varia

    There's nothing like teamwork...

    Just wanted to give a quick heads up - yours truly isn't the only blogger on the Virtual Machine team, so you should make some more room on your blogroll. Ben Armstrong (The Virtual PC Guy) maintains an amazing blog here. If you've ever wondered how...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile! gets completely overhauled!

    If you haven't been to ( ) lately you are missing out on the huge update that's taken place on the site! Check it out....
  • Advanced Workflow: Enabling Tricky Scenarios

    Any Questions?

    Is there anything about Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) that you would like to know and feel is an appropriate topic for this blog? If so, please add a comment to this post. I will use the comments as seeds for future postings. Even if someone has already...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Emacs and Brief Emulations Updates Available

    Dylan , one of our editor devs, has posted some workarounds to Emacs and Brief Emulations bugs on GotDotNet. The Brief Emulation Add-in addresses the following issues: Bug FDBK38309 :  BRIEF editor emulation for cut with no selection incorrect ...
  • Advanced Workflow: Enabling Tricky Scenarios


    The purpose of this blog is to provide public answers to the Windows Workflow Foundation questions that I come across every now and again at work. These questions usually target a specific scenario but can be easily abstracted to a more general inquiry...
  • Kevin Boske - VSTA

    Deleting a part

    In the last post, I showed you how to use the Packaging API to find a particular part and get that part's URI. The relationship and URI of the particular part are important as you cannot rely on the name of the part being the persisted from save to save...
  • Srinath Vasireddy

    Statistically Valid, Nonsensical Correlation!

    Interesting read: talks about 5 scenarios Shaving habits linked to stroke risk Nightshift link to breast cancer Study finds prayer 'double chance of IVF success' Breast implant suicide...
  • One Louder

    You're both fired! Now go away and hush up!

    Donald Trump Lashes Out at Martha. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should. Donald Trump has no filter and obviously thinks that this is his world that the rest of us are living in. Of course, he signed up for Martha's version of...
  • Johnz Blog - The MscrmGuy

    A first look at the Dynamics Snap-in Tool for Office

    A first look at the new Office Snap-in tool for MSCRM....
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