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  • Aali's blog

    Welcome PasiM!

    My colleague, Pasi Mäkinen, has started blogging at . Pasi works as an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft Finland as part of our D&PE team, welcome Pasi to the blogosphere! I am looking forward to not only architecture...
  • One Billion Users: Emerging Trends in Emerging Markets

    MSR TechFest 2006

    MSR TechFest is next week in Redmond. ACID is working on a few demos that we can't really discuss on a public website, but it's great doing a combination of pure design research as well as working with other groups (e.g. Speech, Computer Vision, Multi...
  • Keith Smith's Blog

    ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast Series for PHP, JSP, and ColdFusion Developers

    Are you a PHP, JSP or ColdFusion developer? Do you want to learn how ASP.NET 2.0 allows you to build richer Web sites more quickly and with less code compared to the tools, technologies and techniques you currently use? The Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Webcast...
  • Khushboo's blog

    CI sample updated for the RC build

    Many of you must have already noted that the CI sample that we had earlier posted here was broken for the new RC build. The link has now been updated and you can download the sample from the same location for it to be built using the RC build. Again...
  • Pasi's Plot

    Welcome to the Architects Plot!

    Plot: the arrangement of incidents that (ideally) each follow plausibly from the other (Aristotle's Poetics), drawn graphical representation of data, a small piece of planted ground or a planned conspiracy ;-)...
  • ATC Avalon Team (Closed)

    A Step-by-Step to Create a Song List

    How to create a song list above with some fancy effects? Now it is easy with Li stView in Avalon. 1. To simplify, we can use XmlDataProvider to provide data for Li stView, the xaml looks like below: <XmlDataProvider x:Key="MyData...
  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    February Vista CTP Is Out

    I won't be the first to mention it but I thought I would add my $0.02 about it. The February CTP release of Vista, build 5308 is now out. It should be available to you if you are a registered beta user. If you aren't, there are lots of reviews and lots...
  • Tess blog

    ASP.NET Performance Case Study: Web Service calls taking forever

    This issue has been pretty frequent since .net came out, and I am bringing it up for two reasons. It is something I think every web developer calling web services should be aware of... and It is a good example of how the product changes based...
  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    On the Ribbon...

    Let me start by saying I appreciate all of the feedback that everyone has been throwing my way on the "Share Me" post from a few days ago. Much of the feedback has centered on the new "Ribbon" interface which is shown in a screenshot in my post. One...
  • SharePoint Apps: Alexander Malek's weblog

    Conditional Formatting Internals

    The inner workings of Conditional Formatting are actually pretty straightforward. The key construct that makes the feature possible is a tag called <xsl:if> , which is used to conditionally add content to the HTML output of the transform. It's easiest...
  • David L's Blog

    And woop, there it is! ASP.NET 2.0 RSS Toolkit!

    Hot on the heels of my request for RSS assistance, Scott G shot me the light via his blog! What freaks me out is, I posted my request this arvo, turned off my notebook and headed home...
  • Jeff Simon's Blog

    What A Drag...

    Not to sound too much like a fanboy, but Avalon just plain rocks. I’ve spent the last fifteen years simultaneously cursing (“I hate you!”) and coercing (“…but I’ll love you if you work!”) GDI and User into doing my evil bidding, and I’ve finally found...
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