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  • Dan Crevier's Blog

    Implementing a VirtualizingPanel part 4: the goods!

    Ok, we finally get to a full implementation with this post. I’ll be showing the implementation of a VirtualizingTilePanel. This is a layout is very similar to the one I used for the layout animation sample . For the sample, I’ve created a small test harness...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Configuring VMRC under Virtual Server

    When Virtual Server is first installed - the default configuration is to have VMRC (our remote video protocol) disabled. This is done as a basic security measure - as it means we install in the most secure configuration - and it forces users to realize...
  • GroupBoard Blog


    こんにちは、GroupBoard 開発チームです。 今週はもう春かと思ってしまうような暖かな日があって、ちょっとうれしくなりました。春のいいところとしては、思いっきり深呼吸できるところでしょうか。冬だと冷気が鼻を刺激して息を吸い込むのもつらいですが、暖かな陽気だと呼吸もラクです。(花粉症の方はつらい季節になるのかもしれませんが・・・) さて、前回は「案件」リストのご紹介で終わってしまいましたが、 今回はこの「案件」リストとグラフの意外な関係をお伝えします。 1. 「案件」リストレポート機能...
  • Dan Sellers's WebLog

    Data Validation—Deny-list or Approve-list approach?

    I think by now we all know that all data input from a Web UI should be considered evil until validated. We also know that data validation performed strictly on the client is not really there for security but rather better responsiveness to the End-Users...
  • David L's Blog

    It's alive! Team Foundation Server in the cloud!

    If you fire-up your Visual Studio 2005 IDE, open up the Team Explorer tool window, and connect to: , Port 80, you will be asked for a logon! I know it’s simple, but it’s the start of something beautiful, a...
  • Michiko's Blog

    Visual Studio 2005 製品ドキュメントへのリンク

    MSDNライブラリサイトに、Visual Studio 2005 の製品ドキュメントへのリンクページが追加されました。TOPページにもリンクを追加したので、以前よりは Visual Studio 2005 の製品ドキュメントへアクセスしやすくなったと思いますが、新しいドキュメントを頻繁にご覧になる方は、是非この機会に MSDN2 Library へのリンクをお気に入りに追加されることをお勧めします。
  • Microsoft Excel 2010

    Managing External Database Connections in Excel 12

    Now that we have covered OLAP formulas, I would like to explain a set of work we did in the area of “connection management” in Excel 12 workbooks. Specifically, I want to show you three new things that you can do in a workbook that is connected to external...
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    New tool - graphical UI to view fsnap output

    I previously posted an article describing how to use the tool fsnap.exe to list all files installed in a specific path on a computer. This tool can be useful in many scenarios, such as locating orphaned files left behind by Visual Studio 2005 beta build...
  • Luke Nyswonger

    Getting funky with some new Functoids!

    Check out the new functoids that Eric created!! DBFunktoids is a collection of three functoids that enable the invocation and manipulation of SQL Server 2000 / 2005 stored procedures and their results. BTW, Eric is a new Programmer/Writer on our team...
  • A Hole In My Head

    How are WMI instance IDs guaranteed to be unique?

    This is related to today's previous topic of how the manager makes device interface GUIDs unique. Let's now look at how the kernel implementation of WMI (or IRP_MJ_SYSTEM_CONTROL if you are dealing with PIRPs or WBEM to you user mode folks) works. When...
  • Windows Embedded Standard (Standard 7, Standard 2009, XPe...)

    Multiple Versions of the Same Driver

    What happens if you want to create two components for different versions of the same driver? How do you make sure that the correct version of the binaries is being picked up when you add a specific version to your configuration and build an image? ...
  • We > Me: Joe Morel's Blog

    Microsoft Forums Reputation System - Phase 1

    In my last post about Trust and Reputation , I outlined what I believed were the key elements of reputation building in an online community: Activity Based Community Rewarded Visible Linked to Additional Privileges Obvious on How Reputation...
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