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  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    Live from FITC

    Some sessions I've attended: This morning was City of Wings -- from their site: "The Hive is a unique and multi-layered community based on an enchanting shared-world of image, dreams and meaning. It explores humanistic themes like duality, emotional...
  • David Dehghan's blog

    How not to miss your favorite radio show

    I listen to NPR religiously but sometimes I miss the shows that really like to listen to: Democracy Now, Alternative Radio, This American Life, etc. I spent hours today looking for "TiVO for radio" to record shows for offline listening. Eventually I found...
  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    Robert launches an F# Wiki

    I'm pleased to announce that Robert Pickering has launched an F# Wiki . Robert was one of the early adopters of F#, and pushed the implementation in many useful ways, including being the first to use it in conjunction with ASP.NET. I'd encourage those...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    Visual Studio 8 and Eye Candies

    Back to the university time, before my call to the enterprise problems, I was a maniac of everything had to do with computational geometry and computer graphic in general. One of my favourite toys was LParser , a program which would produce elegant 3D...
  • IRhetoric - Karsten Januszewski

    FITC Conference

    I presented Avalon yesterday at FITC , a very cool conference. It has both creative and technical tracks and is attended by lots of people think on the edge of UI design. For example, check out this site -- perhaps the only site...
  • Kevin W. Hammond

    Photoshop CS and Scripting

    I just discovered that Photoshop CS supports scripting in AppleScript, JavaScript and Visual Basic! There's a complete type library available for the Visual Basic developer, and you can use either VBScript or full blown Visual Basic. I'm going to bet...
  • André Henriksson

    MSDN TV: Introduktion till Indigo

    För dig som tycker dig ha hört ordet Indigo men inte riktigt har koll på vad det är så tycker jag du ska ta en titt på följande film som ger en bra introduktion.
  • Roberdan

    EPIC: In the year 2014, the New York Times has gone offline.

    The Fourth Estates's foruntes have waned. What happened to the news? And what is EPIC? You've to watch a future history of the media by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson , with music by Aaron McLeran . Watch it at
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    Strong name EXEs

    You don't need to strongly name EXEs. When you strongly name an assembly, you want this assembly to be shared by multiple applications. But you typically don't share applications between applications. An EXE usually is considered as an application...
  • Roberdan

    Microsoft officials have characterized SharePoint as the killer app for XML

    • 0 Comments,1995,1760375,00.asp Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has some big hopes and dreams for SharePoint, Microsoft's collaboration technology. Gates sang SharePoint's praises on Friday during his keynote...
  • Roberdan

    Conclusa l'acquisizione di Groove!

    REDMOND, Wash., April 8, 2005 -- Microsoft today completed its acquisition of Groove Networks, the Beverly, Mass.-based provider of collaboration software for ad-hoc workgroups, and will add Groove's products to the lineup of Microsoft Office System products...
  • Roberdan

    The Secret(s) Behind SharePoint Portal Server 2003

    SharePoint Portal Server 2003 provides low total cost of ownership (TCO) and an elegant solution to a complicated problem. Its true strength, however, may lie in its XML-driven integration capabilities. Microsoft Watch reporter, Mary Jo Foley, goes behind...
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