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  • InfoPath 12 - Tudor Toma

    Using InfoPath e-mail forms

    First I’d like to mention that, as part of a recent announcement, the product name for InfoPath “12” is Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007. This is the name I’ll be using from now on in my blog. In my first post I talk about the benefits of browser-enabled...
  • Sowmy Srinivasan's Blog

    WCF Serialization Programming Model

    DataContract is the default serialization programming model for WCF. However WCF supports more than just the types marked wth DataContract attribute. It supports serialization of the following kinds of types in the default mode. CLR built-in types...
  • Sowmy Srinivasan's Blog

    Hello, world!

    Here is yet another Indigo blog. Having worked on ‘Indigo’, now known as WCF , for four years I am excited to talk about it. My name is Sowmy Srinivasan and I am a developer in the WCF team. My team works on serialization of data and management...
  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Account Review Tool

    Cet outil est destiné à vérifier la sécurité des comptes utilisés par SMS 2003. Il est disponible en anglais sur :
  • Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. Kudzu's Blogspace

    EDC - Amman, Jordan

    I am speaking this week at EDC in Amman, Jordan. While I normally focus on .NET I'm presenting a lot of SQL 2005 sessions here around SQLCLR, scalability, etc. Today is the last day of the conference and unfortunately I have to leave before the closing...
  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Asteroids in KPL and Game Development at Coding 4 Fun

    The Coding 4 Fun web site has a lot of interesting things for students and for people programming as a hobby. A number of these are projects that use the Kid's Programming Language (also known as KPL) to write game programs. A friend of mine pointed out...
  • André Henriksson

    Add-ins, add-ons och Widgets till VSTS

    Något som ploppar upp som svampar ur jorden är olika typer av utökningar av VS 2005 genom skapandet av add-ins eller add-ons. Även VSTS har berikats med en hel del add-ons och Widgets. Nedan finns en länk till en lista med mängder av utökningar. ...
  • Aali's blog

    Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2006

    For all interested in mobile development: Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2006 is held in Las Vegas, May 8-11 and Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2006 Europe in Nice, France June 6-8.
  • Ian Moulster's blog

    Would you like an XBox 360 with all the trimmings?

    A few weeks ago I published this article. Although we got some responses we've decided to up the tempo slightly by offering to give away an Xbox 360 if we publish your story. And in fact we'll throw in a few more bits and pieces too, so you'll get...
  • Jeff Simon's Blog

    The Aha moment

    Every Sunday, my wife and I head down to Starbucks with the Sunday paper and a red felt-tip pen, and tackle the New York Times crossword puzzle (or, if we’re particularly sleep-deprived because of our baby boy, the Seattle Times crossword – yes, I feel...
  • Aali's blog

    Ohjelmistokehitys 2006

    Tieturi järjestää otsikon mukaisen maksullisen seminaarin 24.4.2006 ohjelmistokehittäjille yms ohjelmistokehitystoiminnassa mukana oleville. Pidän siellä esityksen Microsoftin näkökulmasta sovelluskehitysprosessin hallintaan, tuotteista erityisesti Team...
  • Kam VedBrat

    more comments on my flip3d post...

    "JoeW" says: Echoing the point above - does any of the shell components using DirectX provide their own API? How much of WPF is being used here? If there is an unmanaged API will it be public? MS has been mysteriously quiet about the level of...
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