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  • Write Ahead Blog

    SODA (Service-Oriented Data Architecture) at TechEd

    Where do relational databases systems fit to provide reliability, scalability and resilience to loosely-coupled world of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)? Fueled by XML, CLR hosting, integration with Visual Studio 2005, native web-services, asynchronous...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    A picture worth ~100,000,000 words

    The .NET Academic Library has arrived! This is the collection of books we'll be sending this week to the 20 largest Universities and IT Colleges in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Thanks again to all of you who helped us arrive at this collection...
  • stuart kent's blog

    Back from paternity leave

    Folks probably haven't noticed because of the sporadic nature of my blog entries, but I have been out for two weeks on paternity leave. We now have another daughter called Elsa-Maude. She joins her three sisters and brother. I see that whilst I've...
  • Direct Reports

    The Question Is No (TechEd Fashion)

    It's been hard to blog from TechEd as the wireless network at the show and the network connection in my hotel room have both been extremely spotty. Lots of stuff going on today, including Paul's announcement that Reporting Services will be available in...
  • Dr. International

    Orlando Day 1 (Monday)

    Whoa! There are a lot people here and this place is big. I am going to get my exercise going from one break-out session to another. Today we had two breakout sessions in our International Virtual track. One was given by Michael Kapland on SQL Internationalization...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    The Beginning of the Endian

    So the rumors have been true. Apple is moving to Intel processors, which, in some ways, makes sense. At least it does from Apple's point of view. The Kool-Aid has never really affected their ability to figure out what's right for Apple regardless of the...
  • Sumit Amar

    Web Services: Revolutionize your business

    Industry is talking of Web Services to the height of Petronas Towers. For an IT professional unaware of Web Services following questions come up, 1. How practical is it when it comes to implementation? 2. Are they real, or hype? 3. Why Web Services? 4...
  • Sumit Amar

    Publish, Discover and Invoke Web Services using SOAP and UDDI

    Introduction The project contains code that allows to Describe, Discover and Invoke a web service in .NET using SOAP SDK 3.0 and UDDI SDK 2.0 beta on .NET SDK 1.1. Background UDDI (Universal Description Discovery and Integration) is a standard that defines...
  • Sumit Amar

    Retrieving SOAP Envelope from WebException

    Web Services might be invoked using HttpWebRequest. If the invocation raises a service specific exception, the WebException’s Message property gives “Internal Server Error (500)”. There exists a need to parse the WebException object to retrieve the original...
  • Sumit Amar

    Granting EXECUTE privilege on group of stored procedures to a specified user

    CREATE proc grants(@procs varchar(100),@user varchar(100)) as declare curse cursor for select name from sysobjects where type='P' and name like @procs OPEN CURSE declare @proc varchar(100) declare @stmt nvarchar(200) fetch next from curse into @proc while...
  • Dr. International

    Orlando Day -1 (sunday)

    Well I have made it through the first day here at Tech-Ed 2005. Sunday was when all the Pre-Conference tutorial were given and Houman Pournasseh and Russ Rolfe gave a 5 hour overview on Developing International Software. One of the good questions that...
  • Sumit Amar

    Working with custom sections in app|web.config

    Requirement may arise to define a custom section in app.config or web.config configuration file(s), to load a related but dynamic data for configuration purpose. Following is an example of how this can be achieved; element contains a sub element where...
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