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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Opportunities with our SQL Server Support team

    My colleagues just sent over this "hot opportunity," and I wanted to share it. Hopefully, this will be the first of more information on other technical roles out there ... such as product support. The "how to apply" details are at the very end of this...
  • Stan's WWWeblog

    Trojans vs. Huskies

    So I scored some tickets to the SC vs UW this weekend from a fellow Microsoftie who didn't want to go for some reason. The seats were pretty good but my boy and I had to switch to the SC visitor section at halftime so we could really enjoy the game. It...
  • Ken Levy's Blog

    Microsoft Windows Mobile case study highlights VFP 9.0

    New case study from Microsoft Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs team highlights use of Visual FoxPro 9.0: Fresh Mark, Inc. - Food Manufacturer Speeds Inspection Reporting with Wireless Mobile Solution Overview Fresh Mark produces processed...
  • TexBlog

    Everyone's a rifleman

    My military career was exceedingly short and undistinguished. I spent a month in US Marine Corps boot camp before they sent me home because of a preexisting medical condition. As an organization, the Marine Corps has a well deserved reputation for being...
  • One Louder

    Judge a potential manager by how they treat their recruiter

    Single women are told to judge how a man would treat a future wife by how he treats a waitress in a restaurant. I'm going to assume that this advice, which I have heard a number of times from various sources (just in general...not seeking out that kind...
  • Tales from the Smart Client

    Talk on MVC

    Daniel presented a talk about MVC to the NYC .NET Developer’s Group. Find it here .
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Two state icons in Windows Mobile 5.0

    If you're one of the lucky people who already have a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone you might have noticed several of the standard Microsoft program's icons are now different when selected versus not selected. Eddy Escardo-Raffo shares how this is done...
  • BizTalk Architecture, High Availability and MSMQ Adapters

    Migration considerations for moving from MSMQ/T to MSMQ adapter in BizTalk 2006

    This article describes the essential points to consider when migrating your solutions from MSMQ/T adapter to MSMQ adapter. Why migrate to MSMQ Adapter? Technically, you don’t have to migrate to MSMQ adapter. MSMQ/T is present and fully supported...
  • Aali's blog

    We share your pain :)

    Ha, a link to the hilarious video shown at the PDC has found its way into Don's blog .
  • Cyndy Wessling

    New blog pointer

    This may be the shortest-run blog ever, but I am beginning parental leave very shortly and Jeff Bell, a Lead Program Manager in Office, has kindly agreed to continue the Save as PDF discussion on his blog along with the other topics he is covering. He...
  • Outside The Cube

    MSH: Guided Tour...

    • 0 Comments "This is a moderately technical overview and it contains content that may be difficult for nonprogrammers to grasp, so those of you that don't have a background in software development may want to skip around...
  • Chad's blog

    Updated Security Guidance for Web Servcies

    As an update to my earlier post, an updated web service security guide has been posted and now it works against WSE 3.0!! Not only that but there are huge improvements in this release vs. the others. I would highly reccomend taking a look, given the fact...
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