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  • John Gallardo's Weblog

    Why is there a 128-byte limit on the primary key for tables with a Primary XML Index?

    One error that you may run into when attempting to create a Primary XML Index is the following: Msg 6336, Level 16, State 201, Line 1 Maximum size of primary index of table 'StorageTable' is 900 bytes. CREATE XML INDEX requires that such size should...
  • Pedro Silva's Blog

    3D Graphics Engine in C#

    Here's a cool 3D graphics engine that was ported to 100% C# . This is great if you're looking at doing graphics in a WinForms application. And, it's built using the Visual C# 2005 Beta 2 -- cool. [via Brian Keller ] Also, I'm going on vacation next...
  • Powertoys WebLog

    VS Content Installer Power Toys

    Via Craig The first release of the VS Content Installer Power Toys are now available. You will need a recent build of VS (I tested with the August CTP, but the July version may also work) to use these tools. Remember, they are still a beta build, so...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Evento Comunidad .NET Guatemala - 24 Agosto

    La comunidad de Desarrolladores .NET de Guatemala se estará reuniendo el día miércoles 24 de Agosto para tener una sesión técnica sobre Cómo Desarrollar Aplicaciones en una Arquitectura Orientada a Servicios (SOA) . Recuerda que puedes unirte a ésta o...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    The mechanics of Sudoku

    The rules of Sudoku are so simple (see Sudoku puzzles screen capture ) that it seems easy to write the mechanics of the puzzle in Fox. It took 20 minutes to write this. Move the mouse over a desired square and type a digit key. ‘0’ means erase what’s...
  • One Louder

    Layoffs in the Information Age

    I know, "Information Age" sounds a little circa 1995, but Web 2.0 sounds hokey to me (sorry, I don't like it...have to laugh a little when I hear people use it...which is good for you to know in case you meet me and see me giggling's usually...
  • Rob Caron

    Today: David Anderson on MSF for CMMI Process Improvement

    Don’t forget – this starts today at 1100 Pacific Time (1900 GMT): Details on the MSF for CMMI Process Improvement Webcast & Chat
  • Ali Alvi's WebLog

    URL Handling in Internet Explorer 7

    Its been a while since my last post here. I guess Beta 2 work has been taking most of my time. But I thought I should take some time to point people to the work that I have been doing for Internet Explorer 7. Eric Lawrence, our team's feature Program...
  • Windows Security Logging and Other Esoterica

    Another culprit causes too many object access events.

    I encountered this in the course of investigating another report of "too many object access events". Evidently Exchange 2000 Server can cause a large number of handle close events with no corresponding handle open events. The KB article explains how to...
  • Rob Caron

    SQL Server Analysis Services Design Decisions in Team System

    When I saw this post [ VSTS and SSAS 2005: another example of bad design? ], I passed the link to the PM that’s working on this for Team System, Tom Patton. He put together this response: The cube structure for RTM has been re-designed to address many...
  • marklon

    Waiting for Godot

    Idle hangs are the subject of today’s rant. They can be pretty tricky things. With desktop applications, there are generally only a few threads and you have a good idea what each thread does. With components that run inside a complex host such as...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    Bluetooth Virtual COM Ports

    The Windows CE Bluetooth stack has the capability to expose a COM port interface to applications. This allows legacy applications that communicate over serial ports to use the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile. Common applications of this include GPS and...
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