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  • Microsoft Senior Sales Excellence Manager - Eric Ligman

    If you focus on Small Business, don't keep it a secret...

    By now you have probably heard about the Small Business Specialist Program that Microsoft unveiled at WorldWide Partner Conference earlier this month. Also, you have probably started to see the various Press Releases announcing the first Small Business...
  • MSDN Ireland News

    Upcoming user group events in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Just back from Microsoft's Global Briefing in Atlanta and thought I would do a little update on the upcoming user group events over the next few months. If you are in or near Dublin, Belfast, Galway or Waterford, check out the line-up below... Many of...
  • The Web and Microsoft

    Impressed by changes to MSN

    I admittedly often used Google and Yahoo, but it was because that was simply what I was used to. Finally, after really taking a look at MSN I don't think I'd ever go back. Microsoft definately stepped its game up. First of all let's start with the My...
  • ajoyk - random thoughts...

    Discovery all set to take off @ 10:39 EDT

    Congratulations and best of luck to NASA and the crews on board Discovery. From NASA's website: "The Space Shuttle Discovery and its seven-member crew are ready for launch at 10:39 a.m. EDT this morning. STS-114 -- the first Shuttle mission in more...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Mobile realted MSDN event

    If you missed the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference then this is a great oportunity to catch up on NET CF 2.0 and WM 5.0. MSDN TechTalk - What's new in .NET CF 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 for Windows Mobile 5.0 development? Date/Time: Tuesday...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Imagine Cup 2005 Finals

    This week the Imagine Cup 2005 Worldwide Finals are taking place in Japan . Those who read my blog know how excited I get about the innovative projects participating students have dreamed up this year. I could go on for pages about the power of software...
  • hughpyle

    GWS Application: Part 2

    Let's ask Groove for a list of accounts, identities, and workspaces, and display them in our form. A groove account contains one or more identities , which are alternate names for the same user. You can create multiple identities, to appear with different...
  • BizTalk 2006 - Windows SharePoint Services adapter

    BizTalk 2006 Beta1 has been released

    Well folks, it’s here … no, not my blog ... BizTalk 2006 Beta1 has been released (see ) and soon we should hear the verdict from the customers....
  • Joe Calev's WebLog

    Home Automation and HAL

    As some of you may know (but I did not until recently), there is a software package out there that helps you automate your home by Automated Living . Their product is called HAL and I found a length web page describing an implementation of it. The system...
  • Richard Florance's Solution Performance blog

    Hello, good afternoon and welcome...

    Seeing as this is my first blog I guess a good place to start is to tell you who I am, what I do and what pearls of wisdom I hope to impart in my blog. My name is Richard Florance, but a lot of people end up calling me Flo. I've been at Microsoft in...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Handling secrets in .NET code

    I had a question about handling private data such as a password in .NET code. I know this is a well documented area but I still get questions about stuff like this from time to time: The risk associated with storing passwords or other sensitive data...
  • The App Compat Guy

    Evolution vs. Revolution

    In my previous posts, I have been arguing the point that throwing away source code and starting over from scratch is a notably bad idea in general. In this, I am echoing what Joel Spolsky says so eloquently in his post Things You Should Never Do . ...
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