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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Frank a Devil? Surely not

    I got forwarded an email this week with the following change to my litte drawing which my daughter Emma drew. I'm a Saint not a Demon . [ Currently Playing : Everyday I Write The Book - Elvis Costello - The Very Best Of Elvis Costello [UK] Disc...
  • Harry Pierson's DevHawk Weblog

    Latest Architecture Journal

    It's been a while coming, but the print subscriptions of The Architecture Journal are underway. I got my copy of Journal 6 in the mail today. It's not online yet, but you can get the back issues and sign up for your own free print subscription on the...
  • Steve Rachui's Manageability blog - ConfigMgr/OpsMgr

    SQL 2005 and SMS/MOM

    A lot of folks are asking about support for SQL 2005 with SMS 2003 and MOM 2005. Neither of the current releases support SQL 2005. This is planned for SP2 for SMS 2003 and discussions are continuing for MOM 2005. I'm running the database for the current...
  • Steve Rachui's Manageability blog - ConfigMgr/OpsMgr

    MOM 2005 providers

    MOM 2005 providers are used to define where data being monitored by MOM is coming from/located. Looking at the list of default providers you will notice two things - there are a number of them and each time a management pack is imported this list is subject...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Microsoft en el NAB

    Como es habitual, Microsoft planea estar en el NAB en Las Vegas, en abril de 2006. Parece que estamos preparando unas demos de lo más interesante. Cualquier cliente o partner que planee estar y que quiera mantener una reunión hará bien en enviarme un...
  • Outside The Cube

    Xbox 360: help finding one...

    Useful... "This app automatically checks your local BestBuy, Circuit City, and FutureShop's website for the XBOX 360 Premiums at a time interval you specify and alerts you via Text-Message and/or Email. This is intended for...
  • De los medios y de lo digital

    Mejoras en las oficinas remotas

    De los cambios que trae la versión nueva de Windows Server (llamada Windows 2003 Server R2 ) y muy unido al SP2 de Microsoft ISA Server 2004 , hay algunos que tienen que ver con mejoras en la gestión de oficinas remotas , y que creo que son de aplicación...
  • Steve Rachui's Manageability blog - ConfigMgr/OpsMgr

    Heartbeat detection in MOM 2005

    MOM 2005 agents routinely report their presence to their assigned management server by sending a heartbeat. Understanding agent heartbeating is helpful as adjustment to the default values may be beneficial in some environments. Let's go through how this...
  • dangriff's WebLog

    Readings on NT system calls

    I've lately been digging into how NT user mode API calls, as well as system calls into the kernel, can be patched. This began as idle curiosity about system integrity checks, but has evolved into full-blown awe about the detailed analyses of these subjects...
  • Don Smith

    Well spent morale money

    The patterns & practices team have been selected for a pilot program that will completely renovate our workspace. The new workspace will be highly collaborative and should be done in a couple of months. We were instructed to not come into the office...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Reclaimed My Outlook

    Email is by far my most frequent mode of communication, followed by instant messaging. I could do without a phone completely if my wife weren't sure to call me a hermit. As such, I get an obnoxious amount of email per day. I subscribe to a number of...
  • Rob Caron

    Distributed System Designers Poster

    Willy-Peter Schaub , a Team System MVP from South Africa, blogs about a new Team System poster from his company that describes the flow between the various Distributed System Designers (Application Designer, System Designer, Logical Datacenter Designer...
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