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  • Rob Caron

    Borland Leaves IDE Business

    Wow, this is big news: Borland, based here, is acquiring Lexington, Mass.-based Segue in a deal worth about $100 million and is dropping its IDE tools business, which analysts estimate to be worth about $60 million to $100 million. And: ...
  • All About Interop

    Gosling is still peddling this junk?

    “[Java] is like the marketplace where you go and take your pick of technologies and .NET is a Microsoft product that gives you no chance to choose,” said [James] Gosling. From
  • IEBlog

    The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE7

    Many are content to spend all day clicking fancy looking buttons or menu items in order to get their tasks accomplished, but those who know the correct keyboard and mouse shortcuts can often get around applications more efficiently: Browsing the web with...
  • One Louder

    Find your talent in the stars

    Here's some good reading for anyone who cares about the impact talent can have on an organization. Jeff Hunter questions whether it's all about the talent , specifically whether it's all about the stars . I love it when Jeff writes about this kind...
  • Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B

    Virtual Earth India

    The Microsoft Research team has a sweet implementation of Road and Aerial data for India. It's not street level data, but it does have the Virtual Earth full-bleed maps and click to zoom functionality for levels 1-9. http://virtualindia.msresearch...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    CableCard Explained

    CableCard, the technology that has risen from the FCC forcing cable companies to allow third parties the ability to create their own cable boxes, is a pretty hot topic right now because the digital cable era has long since arrived and people want to be...
  • Tom Patton

    Hello World

    Hi! I’m a Program Manager with the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server team. I work on the reporting and data warehousing capabilities that enable reports and metrics to be generated from the project data gathered across the suite of tools in Team System...
  • Test Guide

    It's Not What You Know That Matters

    My friend Mike recently told me about his bee magnet. Once upon a time, his family got it into their heads that he collected magnets. People knowing you collect something can be a curse (even when you really do collect that something) because they shower...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    72% Of Enterprises Cite Internal Security Threats as Greater or Equal Importance to External Threats

    Mettez à jour vos favoris et votre lecteur RSS avec mon nouveau blog sur TechNet : Un article US présentant des chiffres intéressants qui indiquent clairement que les solutions de quarantaine et mise en conformité...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Pulverize, Incinerate and Disintigrate

    Any federal document that contain words like: Pulverize, Incinerate and Disintigrate always gets my attention! "NIST Special Publication Guidelines for Media Sanitization, Public Draft" at
  • Steve Lange @ Work

    Is Team System Right for You?

    Find out:
  • South Central Area Community Blog

    Upcoming webcast: Partner Opportunities with Exchange 2003 SP2

    Presenter: Eileen DeVito & Stephen Deming Event Time: 9:00 AM Pacific, USA & Canada (DST) = GMT - 08:00 Duration: 60 minutes Description: You’ve helped your customer bring in a world class server and messaging solution with Windows Server 2003...
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