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  • Architecture, Cloud, SQL Server, EPM and .NET Geek

    Fast Track and PDW

    Recently I attended a SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) appliance and FasTrack 3.0 workshop. Microsoft has three key Data Warehouse offerings including SQL Server 2008 R2, Fast Track Data Warehouse and Parallel Data Warehouse . Together, these...
  • Chad's SharePoint blog

    What SharePoint version am I running?

    With every SharePoint cumulative update, the build number changes. Sometimes it's difficult to remember which build is which CU and here on my team, we pass around this excel document that someone maintains as a cheat sheet. Well, Todd Carter (from...
  • Windows Phone en Español

    Nuevas APIs de Mango (Windows Phone 7.5)

    A continuación os paso la lista de nuevas APIs de la nueva actualización para Windows Phone, es decir, Windows Phone 7.5. Por supuesto está sujeta a posibles cambios, pero como mínimo, ya tenemos información de lo que vendrá. CaptureDeviceConfiguration...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    SQLInsights Update: Self-Service Reporting and Analytics Unit Available


    This is the eleventh and final unit in the SQL Server 2008 R2 Business Intelligence Training Course (a.k.a. SQLInsights) on MSDN. This unit introduces the fundamentals of how to enable great self-service reporting and analytics The SQL Server 2008 R2 Business Intelligence Training Course (SQLInsights) will help you learn how to build your first Microsoft Business Intelligence solution.

    SQLInsights is a great resource for developers, consultants and evangelists who need to learn the basics of how to build solutions that deliver integrated reporting, analytics and dashboard experiences. It contains a rich set of videos and hands-on labs that are perfect for self-paced learning.experiences with Report Builder 3.0 and PowerPivot.

    You can find SQLInsights on the MSDN Training and Certification Resources page at the following URL:

  • Visual Studio News-Blog

    Softwareentwicklung und Application Lifecycle Management als Geschäftsprozess. Teil 2 der dreiteiligen Serie von ALM-Experte David Chappell.

    Organisationen definieren sich über ihre Geschäftsprozesse. Um zu verstehen, was eine Organisation macht, ist es erforderlich, ihre Geschäftsprozesse zu verstehen. Eine Organisation zu verbessern – also auf Änderungen besser reagieren zu können, profitabler...
  • HealthBlog

    Keeping care teams in sync with Microsoft Lync

    I’ve been writing this blog since October of 2005.  Regular readers know that I am a huge proponent for Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a means to improve care team communication and collaboration, including that with our patients. ...
  • 川西 裕幸のブログ

    Kinect for Windows SDK ページ

    MIX11 での発表に伴い、MSR の Kinect for Windows SDK ページ がオープンしました。RSS でニュースやアナウンスを購読できます。このサイトよると、今春後半に公開される Kinect for Windows SDK は Beta で、以下の機能があるとのことです。 ノイズ・エコー キャンセル用の4要素マイクロフォン配列を含むオーディオ処理 音源の位置を決定できる音源位置検出、Microsoft スピーチ認識 API と統合 Kinect カメラから物体までの距離を提供する...
  • Plankytronixx

    Dryad: Program thousands of machines without knowing anything about parallel programming

    The guys at Microsoft Research are doing some interesting things with parallel programming. It’s not an area I’ve ever had anything to do with, but one can see how the combination of Windows Azure and Dryad offer the novice parallel programmer access...
  • Sam Stokes on Research in your life and studies

    F#: Edited articles with code

    Don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading edited articles.  Oops.  This isn’t an edited article.  It’s a blog.  Oh well. Here are some links to F# edited articles with code samples, although I have tested some of the sample, not all...
  • MSDN Magazine

    Parallel Programming with Visual Studio

    Multicore systems are becoming increasingly prevalent, but the majority of software today will not automatically take advantage of this additional processing ability. And multithreaded programming, for anything but the most trivial of systems, is incredibly...
  • Murray Gordon's Blog

    SharePoint Sessions at PDC

    PDC 2008 is right around the corner. If you've taken a look at the session list, you will be psyched to see that there are some great SharePoint sessions. Here's the list of sessions that Paul Andrew, Technical Product Manager for the SharePoint Developer...
  • Microsoft Startup Blog

    BizSpark Startups: Get 90-days of free training from Pluralsight

    Wow, great new offer for BizSpark Startups from Pluralsight … Pluralsight provides high-quality training solutions for Microsoft .NET developers that can fit any schedule or budget. The revolutionary Pluralsight On-Demand! training library provides developers...
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