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  • David Sayed's Microsoft Blog

    Playing with JSON

    I recently started to play with JSON . One of the immediate issues I found was reading the results that were returned from an API call. IE prompted me to save them to a file. Firefox dutifully displayed them in the browser, but completely unformatted...
  • MSMQ from the plumber's mate

    If you're interested in solving "Insufficient Resources" problems with MSMQ ...

    then you definitely want to read these blog posts by Mark Russinovich: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Physical Memory Pushing the Limits of Windows: Virtual Memory Pushing the Limits of Windows: Paged and Nonpaged Pool Pushing the Limits...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    New Video - Selling more and faster with Dynamics CRM and BIGMACHINES

    Video Link - Selling more and faster with Dynamics CRM and BIGMACHINES Tim Handorf from BIGMACHINES and Mike Snyder from Sonoma Partners talked with me about their work integrating BIGMACHINES into Dynamics CRM 4.0 to enable easier and faster selling...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Visual Studio 2008 Features #1: Verschiedene Framework Versionen nutzen

    Mit dem neuen Visual Studio gehen viele diverse Features für Webentwickler einher. Zum einen ist es jetzt möglich für verschiedene Varianten des .NET Framework zu entwickeln. Beim Anlegen einer neuen Website kann man über den "Neu"-Dialog auswählen...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Ankündigung: xtopia[kompakt] Roadshow 2010

    Weihnachten steht vor der Tür und passend dazu gibt es frohe Kunde: Die xtopia[kompakt] Roadshow geht in die nächste Runde! Nach dem sensationellen Erfolg in diesem Jahr touren wir auch im kommenden Frühjahr durch Deutschland und geben Euch die Gelegenheit...
  • Innovation, Technology & Digital Startups

    Mettiamo un po’ di nuvole sotto l’albero

    Cosa mettere sotto l’albero di natale se non un po’ di risorse per tutti i gusti su Windows Azure Platform? Come prima risorsa, senza dubbio, voglio segnalare il libro di Roberto Brunetti di Thinkahead (sito rigorosamente su Azure :-) dedicato a sviluppatori...
  • Synergist

    30% off Expression Web 3 and Expression Studio 3

    I just wanted to pass on this limited-time deal on Expression Web and Expression Studio that’s good through January 8.  For web developers that want to preview their designs with IE6, IE7, IE8 and Firefox, both of these packages include SuperPreview...
  • Korea Evangelist

    PDC 09 로스엔젤레스 실황 LIVE Twitter로 만나세요

    지금 미국 로스엔젤레스에서 열리고 있는 개발자를 위한 최대 컨퍼런스인 PDC09 소식을 Twitter를 통해서 전달해 드리고 있습니다. @winkey <== 여기서 Follow 하시면 됩니다. PDC는 작년에도 Windows 7, Windows Azure와 같은 대박 아이템들을 터트리면서 명실 상부한 Microsoft의 최신 기술을 공개하는 자리가 되고 있으며 규모와 이슈 면에서 단연 최고의...
  • UK Premier Support for Developers

    T4MVC now with multiple file support

    Ok, so I’m indulging in self-publicity a little with this post, but I really want to take the opportunity to highlight some great work that David Ebbo has done. I’ve been spending a bit of time with ASP.NET MVC Framework and really like it. The combination...
  • A CRM Riff

    MSDynamicsWire Beta

    MSDynamicsWire is a aggregation center for all thangs Dynamics, serving up blogs, news, and forum highlights. In their words, “ is an informative portal dedicated to bring the latest news updates, Blog updates and several other...
  • UK Academic Team Blog

    Robotics and .NET Fundamentals webcasts

    Dan Waters has posted a series of introduction level webcasts on his blog. The content includes: Introduction Getting Started Setting up the Create Serial port communication in VC# Express Teaching the robot to sing More on serial port stuff Setting up...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Code Snippets for PONG: part 70 of gazillion

    How do you create Code Snippets, and what are they? [i] Ok, ok, the space aliens are talking to me again, oh wait a minute, I found some aluminum foil… Made a hat, grounded it to a water pipe, now I am safe. Let’s talk about code snippets, which...
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