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  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Writing a CLR Debugger in Python

    Harry Pierson has written an excellent set of blog entries about writing a managed debugger in IronPython . He builds on the ICorDebug managed wrappers that we ship in Mdbg and explains many of the concepts for how to write a debugger, such as managing...
  • J.D. Meier's Blog

    Martin Sykes on Value Realization

    This is a guest blog post from Martin Sykes. Martin has been involved with Enterprise Architecture and IT Strategy for 15 years and is today a coach in Microsoft Service’s Enterprise Strategy Centre of Excellence . He’s also known for his use of visual...

    Screen Scraping Utility Kit by Frank

    My peer Frank La Vigne wrote this highly useful utility which in his own words “ makes it easier to scrape data from web sources” . You can take unstructured data from any website and parse it based on your specific requirements for data extraction. This...

    METRO APP DIARY–this is a must follow…

    • 0 Comments G E T F-R-E-E  Phone: Tools , Devices Cloud: Tools , Account Client: WebMatrix Resources: Infokit Apps Ideas: Ideas

    Porting Windows Phone 7 to Windows 8 (Metro)

    Excellent MSDN article covering the porting process for Windows Phone 7.x apps to Windows 8. IT COVERS: Preparing to port a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight app Five considerations before beginning the porting process General porting process Nine easy steps...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 团队博客

    对 SharePoint 2010 和 SAML 身份验证使用 WHR 参数

    原文发布于 2011 年 9 月 15 日(星期四) 我看到人们对 SharePoint 2010 SP1 和 6 月累积更新中旨在启用 WHR 参数的修补程序存有很多问题和困惑(我自己也有点迷惑)。事实上,现在它确实起作用,但需要进行一些改动: 配置 SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer 现在有一个名为 UseWHomeRealmParameter 的属性;必须将该属性设置为 True,SharePoint...
  • Canadian Developer Connection

    Going Metro in your Windows Phone Apps

    I’ve been on the road for the better part of the month of November, meeting with developers and IT Pros across the country and it’s been a blast.  Because I’m the guy on the MS Canada evangelism team most focused on Windows Phone, more often than...
  • hiwatan's blog


    昨日(5/26)、 多摩美術大学 の 八王子キャンパス を訪問してきました。     情報デザイン学科の吉橋准教授に情報デザイン棟を案内いただきました。 大学の建物も、学内の様子も、独創的で新鮮な驚きがありました。 コンピュータールームには、林檎マークのマシンだけではなく、Windows(DellのNote PCでした)も発見しました! 実は、Imagine Cupにも、多摩美大から68名の学生の皆さんがチャレンジ(応募)してくれています。 機会があれば、今後もデザイン系の大学、学部も...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    See Windows 7 From a Developer Point of View in Videos

    • 0 Comments has produced a set of videos giving developers a look into Windows 7 coding. You can view the videos in the series main page, A Developer's First Look at Windows 7 . This series introduces Windows 7 with an emphasis on those new features that...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    The Role of Sketching in Software Development

    It only been since 2006 that we seriously started to drive WPF adoption, and Silverlight 2 hit the web just a scant 11 months ago. Still, in such short time ISVs have created some amazing things with these platforms. Unfortunately, though the platforms...
  • Microsoft Canada Technology Partner Training

    Solutions Selling Series: Controlling the Elevated Risk of Buyers in this Economy On Demand Web Seminar

    Controlling the Elevated Risk of Buyers in this Economy: This session will provide insight into how to control the perceived elevated risk of buyers in this sluggish economy.  Five components will be covered that can be used with your buyers to help...
  • Blog ufficiale del team MSDN Italia

    Search Engine Optimization Toolkit beta

    E’ da poco disponibile la prima beta del Search Engine Optimization Toolkit . Questo toolkit si compone di 3 moduli che estendono la console di IIS7 e che rendono più semplice l’ottimizzazione di un sito web al fine di essere facilmente trovato da un...
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