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  • o-LIVE-r

    Einstieg leicht gemacht mit SQL Server 2008 R2 und SharePoint 2010!

    Microsoft Platform Ready ist die neue Plattform für Softwarehersteller weltweit, auf der zu aktuellen Microsoft-Technologien, Ressourcen, Veranstaltungen, Kompatibilitätstests, Vertriebs- und Marketingunterstützung zusammengefasst werden. In Deutschland...
  • Windows Store-Blog für Entwickler

    Tauchen Sie mit den Windows Store-App-Labs in die Welt der App-Entwicklung ein

    2012 ist ein ereignisreiches Jahr. Seit der //Build-Konferenz im letzten Jahr haben über eine halbe Million Entwickler, Designer und Unternehmer aus mehr als 80 Ländern begonnen, großartige Windows 8-Apps in hoher Qualität zu entwickeln . Bei der Entwicklung...
  • Dave Voyles for Gaming, HTML5, Startups, & Xbox

    How does Microsoft compare in the Fortune 500?

    This is a cross-post from my personal blog, found at . Go there to find more! Before I joined Microsoft, I was an engineer at Comcast, on their COAM (Consumer Owned and Maintained Devices) team, where I worked on their...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Windows Embedded 8 is Intelligent Systems Ready

    Posted By Barb Edson
    General Manager, Marketing and Business Development

    A couple of weeks ago, at the Intelligent Systems Leadership Summit, I had a chance to catch David Wurster’s presentation on new features and functionality in the Windows Embedded 8 platform. As senior product marketing manager for Embedded, David has a great vantage point to see all of the cool things going on with Windows Embedded 8 as the new suite of products are rolled out over the next year. The following is a blog post he put together for me, so we could share those features in this space.

    Over the next year, we're bringing Windows 8 to the embedded market, allowing OEMs, enterprises, developers and other partners to build devices and applications that offer a high-performance, fast, fluid experience without sacrificing any of the security and flexibility that the reimagined Windows delivers:

    • Windows Embedded 8 Standard continues to be our modular, componentized version of Windows 8. We add technologies on top of that to enable industry-specific scenarios. A release preview is available now, with general availability scheduled for March.
    • Windows Embedded 8 Pro is the full version of Windows we'll be bringing through the embedded channel. This will also be available in the March timeframe.
    • Windows Embedded 8 Industry is the new name for our Windows Embedded POSReady product. The reason for the change is that we see the capabilities of this operating system fitting into a much larger number of device categories than just point-of-service. In January, we’ll be offering our first community technology preview of this important release.

    We’ve done a lot of work to make sure Windows Embedded 8 is ready for the world of intelligent systems. In the end, it’s all about being able to deliver the kind of rich, compelling, connected line-of-business experiences that people expect.

    Much of the excitement around the new platform centers on its multi touch and ten-point touch experiences and the capabilities they enable for the device world. Check out the demo video below for a look at how smooth Windows Embedded 8-based applications can be:


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  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Announcing the Win to Grow – Dynamics Business Possible Challenge!

    Your prospects could win up to $45,000 in Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software License and Partner Services! The Win to Grow contest is a prospect facing contest that partners are able to leverage to drive demand. The Dynamics Business Possible Challenge...
  • WebMatrix の歩き方 by 武田正樹

    [MEMO] Powershell から Linux OS の仮想マシンを作成する

    執筆時点(2012年11月19日)では、仮想ネットワークにLinux OS の仮想マシンを構築する場合、コマンドラインツールを使用する必要があります。以下に手順を紹介します。   事前に下記 URL からコマンドラインツールをダウンロードいただく必要があります。 1. 設定ファイルのダウンロードとインポート 1. Internet Explorer で https://windows...
  • JamesSta's Cloudy Blog

    New Post

    Eleven years ago I excitedly began my first day at Microsoft. Like any long term relationship, I did not know how great the experience would become! Huge thanks for family and friends who made the journey to this point so special. Never has Microsoft...
  • Netman

    Virtualbox and moving my previous virtual disk to vhd

    Hello I was trying to clone my old vdi disks to vhd format in order to use them in Hyper-v on Windows 8 OS. According to virtualbox documentation, I must use vboxmanage.exe clonehd xxxx.vdi yyyyy.vhd --format vhd . When I executed the command...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Googled - another Mozilla developer

    Beta News reports that a second Mozilla developer, Darin Fisher has joined Google. "Darin, a former IBM and Netscape employee, is a "module owner" for the Mozilla project and is in charge of cookies and permissions, as well as Mozilla's networking library...
  • Jen's WebLog

    So much speech, so little time.

    Dear readers, today I have not one, but two articles for you. I don't have much time to comment, but I'll try soon: : Multi-lingual speech based technology : : IBM's more natural...
  • Welcome to Live Mesh!

    More datails on Reflection and Generics in .NET Compact Framework

    Check out this great article by Nazim , where he talks about specifics of reflection support for generics in .NET Compact Framework.
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Earn Microsoft badges for teacher and school leader professional development

    We believe in anytime, anywhere learning. We also believe your achievements should be recognised so that you can share your accomplishments and knowledge with your colleagues and communities. That’s why the Partners in Learning Network awards badges for...
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