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  • Jeff Beehler's Blog

    to CTP or not to CTP

    We just recently released the June 2005 Community Tech Preview (CTP) for VSTS. It’s been an interesting process because this is the first CTP for VSTS where we simply picked up one of our daily builds, made sure it passed some build verification tests...
  • Jeremy on stuff

    For, Part 1

    Continuing from last time . The usage for the basic for loop looks like: FOR %variable IN (set) DO command [command-parameters] %variable Specifies a single letter replaceable parameter. (set) Specifies a set of one or more files. Wildcards may...
  • Eugenio Pace

    CAB Community Drop #2

    Yesterday we published the second community release of the CAB that includes almost all features planned for the Tech Preview (on Whidbey Beta 2) that we will publish during July. It includes almost all the core services (like Event Broker, Module...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Sending custom parameters into virtual machines under Virtual Server

    In a previous post ( ) - I discussed how Virtual PC / Virtual Server provide basic information about the host computer in the registry of the guest operating system. Virtual Server extends...
  • scellini's WebLog

    What makes PDC05 special?

    Listen to PDC BuzzCast #2 , hosted by Michael Lehman , a technical evangelist on Jeff Sandquist's team. Michael is working up a great series of podcasts on the way to PDC05; they're in the new PDC area on Channel 9. This time, Michael (who has a truly...
  • David Kline

    Checking for Screen Rotation Support in NetCF version 2

    A couple of months ago, I showed an example of how to P/Invoke to check if your device supports device rotation using version 1 of the .NET Compact Framework. In that post , I promised to revisit the example for NetCF v2 once Beta 2 was released. You...
  • Gaurav Seth's WebLog

    Some quick FAQ's about JLCA

    Here are some of the quick FAQs about JLCA which are not available at our website : How can one use the JLCA tool? The JLCA tool can be executed from the command line as well as from Visual Studio (VS) To execute JLCA from command line - Navigate...
  • Brad Abrams

    Cool Console Game

    You thought Space Invaders! was a cool sample, check out this one: It is a VB 2005 Console based game that rocks. It reminds me of sitting in my Dad’s lab at NCSU playing Castle on one of the consoles connected to...
  • Buck Hodges

    Don't use the June CTP of SQL 2005 with Team Foundation

    It's a question that's come up a lot lately. The June CTP of SQL 2005 will not work as the SQL backend for the current public releases of Team Foundation. There have been changes in SQL 2005 that require changes in TFS for it to work.
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    VS 2005 beta 2 setup fails with 1935 or 2908 assembly installation error

    I have heard from a few people (including this customer comment on a previous blog post and a fellow Microsoft employee) who have tried to install VS 2005 beta 2 and received 1935 (or 2908) assembly install errors with HRESULT value 0x8002802F. If you...
  • Peter Bernard's MEM Thoughts

    Device Management and Windows Mobile 5.0

    I had a comment/question on here recently about the support for OMA device management standards in Windows Mobile 5.0.   The OMA-DM standard essentially enables a OMA-DM compliant server to remotely set a variety of parameters on a mobile device...
  • Sriram Krishnan

    Life at Microsoft - 1

    I've been a bad blogger after moving over here to and I plan to make up for it. Life here at Microsoft has been quite fun. I've met some incredibly smart people and learnt a lot even in the short time I've been here. Since I'm feeling lazy...
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