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  • MSDN オンライン チームブログ

    - Code Recipe - 人気記事 Top 5!

    おはようございます、窪田です。 本日は仕事納めです。これが、今年最後のポストになります。 さて、今年最後のポストは、11月にオープンした " Code Recipe " サイトの技術コンテンツの中で、もっともアクセスされた人気の記事 Top 5 をご紹介します。 **************************************** 1. 自動実装プロパティ (Auto-Implemented Properties) で省力コーティング
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    A Picture's Worth a Thousand Wg8nX


    As a full-time 'Softie, I am - of course - a fully converted Binger. However, I occasionally pop across to the competition just to see what graphic they've used for the search engine name, designed to illustrate the particular day of the year. It's an interesting way to keep up with other cultures and see how clever the artists are that create meaningful designs using images that look like letters.

  • WebLog de Stéphane PAPP [MSFT]

    Recrutements en cours

    Lorsque j’ai rejoint l’équipe dite des “Premier Field Engineers” (PFE) ou ingénieurs conseils grands comptes de Microsoft Customer Service & Support (CSS), les effectifs avaient considérablement augmenté. La phase d’assimilation étant terminée et...
  • Mario Esposito @ uncle Bill's house

    Alicia Keys sounds better on Silverlight steroids

    Alicia Keys fans will be able to watch a unique concert this Thursday being broadcast live from the Apollo in New York. Thanks to Microsoft Silverlight, fans will be able to control the action by switching between one of five camera angles. The event...
  • Fernando Garcia Loera (@ferglo)

    Express Versions : Cursos online en Español para desarrolladores

    Queremos compartirles estos curos en español creados en España; pueden compartirlos con sus comunidades. Saludos. Visual Basic 2005 para desarrolladores Visual Basic 6 Ponemos a tu disposición este curso online en Castellano donde podrás aprender...
  • notes and rants

    Test case design using patterns

    I’m still thinking about test case design, and I am liking the idea of test patterns more and more. Most of the functional techniques we commonly think of (like equivalence class partitioning / BVA or combinatorial analysis) can be thought of as test...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Arrested Development

    MSN Video will be hosting the entire 3 season run of Arrested development on MSN Video. Awesome.
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Virtual Machine Additions para Windows Vista

    O time de VM (Virtual Machine) liberou um novo build do VM Additions, suportando MS-Windows Vista Beta 2 (Build 5384) MS-Windows Vista CTP Junho (Build 5456) MS-Windows Vista CTP Julho (Build 5472) rodando tanto no Virtual Server quanto...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Daniel's first play of the summer starts on Thursday!

    This summer, Daniel's appearing in two separate SCT productions (I believe he's the first actor to appear in two summer season productions during the same season). This Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:15PM, he appears in the role of "Father" in...
  • Canadian ISV Evangelism Team

    Windows 7 Application Compatibility Webcast this week

    We recently tried to schedule a few events for ISVs in Alberta on Windows application compatibility but were unable to get enough interest to justify the cost of an in-person classroom event. So we decided to move the event to an online webcast. We’ll...
  • Lester's WPF\Silverlight Blog

    TestAPI 0.4 Released

    TestAPI has come out with a new release V0.4. Please do check it out. So what’s new: Deep Object Comparison utility Text String Generation for random interesting combination of strings A Leak Detection API that enables the user to determine...
  • こだかたろうです

    コードに注力します(Code Recipeサイトの紹介)

    こちら でも紹介されていますが、Code Recipeというサイトがオープンしています。 実際のコードや開発に必要な様々な情報を掲載するサイトになりますが、これを運営する我々としては、「開発情報に特化する」「マーケティングサイトのようにしない」といった大命題があります。 これから継続的にこのサイトにコード情報を提供していきたいと思います。(ちなみに、このブログで”Code”というタグがつくと...
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