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  • TabBlogger

    TechEd05: Day 0

    The flight down for me was great - plane was full, plenty of attendees chattering about the event. Buzz is good. The family though, wasn't as happy. My daughter was not happy with flying, and cried much of the trip (SEA (Seattle) -> IAD (Dulles...
  • TabBlogger

    ...and then there was Dell

    • 0 Comments There you go, all you corporate buyers who couldn't buy anything that wasn't from IBM. :) Hehe, sure it's Lenovo now, but really, Lenovo was making much of the Thinkpad line even...
  • .NET4Office

    VSTO support for Outlook

    Steve Ballmer announced VSTO support for Outlook add-ins in his Tech-Ed keynote today. This is exciting news--VSTO Outlook add-ins solve all the problems people have encountered while trying to build managed COM add-ins for Outlook using IDTExtensibility2...
  • eGeek

    Outlook 2003 Junk mail filter

    Having used a few different tools to filter SPAM, I have found that the junk mail filter in Outlook 2003 is by far the best. Anything that I can enable on my wife's computer that just works without her having to think about it is a good thing. I check...
  • eGeek

    xBox Theme for OWA (Outlook Web Access)

    If you use OWA and you like the xBox color scheme then you will like this: Just run the executable, open OWA and click on Options. In...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    TechEd Orlando - bring on the plastic fish!

    So I'm here on the other side of the country surrounded by guys in Hawaiian shirts throwing a beach ball around. No, I'm not by the pool - I'm at TechEd Orlando. The INTEA folks have strategically planted an inflatable fish between us and them, and...
  • The Old New Thing

    Adam Felber teaches us how to avoid setting off motion detectors

    You need gloves, a plywood board, and a hat....
  • The Old New Thing

    A quick puzzle about security and synchronization

    Named objects, handles, security, and synchronization....
  • Hilmars hjørne

    Outlook med i VSTO 2005!!

    Så blev det endelig offentligt - med Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 (VSTO 2005) får vi Outlook-support! Hold da op hvor jeg glæder mig til at udvide og tweake min Outlook med .NET! Læs mere her . Når man bruger så megen tid i et program, som jeg...
  • Marley Gray's WebLog

    SmartClients in the Wild...

    While building several SmartClient applications I have noticed a pattern emerging. Most of these SmartClients are acting as smart aggregation blocks for middle tier data and business logic. So the need as arisen for an abstraction layer for a pluggable...
  • eGeek

    MCE Extender Problem - MVP to the rescue!

    So the other night I decided to download and install the Update Rollup 1 for Windows Media Center Extender . First of all, I highly recommend that you don't try to update your extender over wireless. I think that is what tanked my update. At about 15...
  • Mark Bower

    Write Outlook addins with VSTO

    If you were watching the TechEd keynote today you'd have seen BJ Holtgrewe and Steve Ballmer announce that Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 will also add suport for creating Outlook add-ins!...
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