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  • Steve Rowe's Blog

    DX10 Interview

    The ExtremeTech Podcast for last week was an interview with one of the DirectX 10 architects, David Blythe, and Chris Donahue who is on the Biz Dev side of the house. The interview covers the new graphics architecture in Vista as well as what has changed...
  • Partner-TV: telling it like it is


    There is lots of interest around virtualisation at the moment so wee got Dave to chat to Andy Clark about this technology. At the risk of turning PTS-TV in to the Dave Sayers show we’ll have another video from him soon covering High Performance...
  • Fumio Sekita's Blog

    ソフトウエア プラス サービスを動く図説でやさしく解説

    Azure のサイトではありませんが、 MSDN アーキテクチャセンター で 、「ソフトウェア プラス サービス」 説明ビデオ が日本語字幕付きで公開されました。 紙芝居ではあるのですが、「ソフトウェア プラス サービス」をわかりやすく説明していますので、お暇な時にも見て下さい。 ダウンロードして見るのはちょっと何ですが、15MB ほどですので、ご勘弁を。 さすがに今時、ダウンロードはないだろうということで、SoapBox にアップしました。こちらをご参照下さい。 Video: "ソフトウェア...
  • Keith Richie

    Welcome John Kozell to the blogging world!

    John Kozell was co-author for the Portal additions to SPUserUtil. If it were not for John, those changes would probably never made it in. John is also the author of the .Net Protocol Handler example in the SharePoint Utility Suite. John has now joined...
  • 04F | Mr. Tom Wendel

    es ist mal wieder GirlsDay-Zeit

    Ja, das Wetter wird besser, die Blumen sprießen und auch dieses Jahr findet am 23.04. wieder ein Girlsday statt. Der Girlsday ist ein Tag speziell für Mädchen, die einen Blick hinter die Kulissen technischer Berufe werfen wollen. Mädchen ab der fünften...
  • Richard Murillo on Software Development

    Outlook 2007 Credential Challenge on Cached Exchange Server Connection

    While nothing to do with VSTF or VSTS, I thought I’d share my challenges with everyone regarding an issue I was having with my Outlook 2007 instance and how I overcame it. Each time I launched Outlook 2007 I was prompted for my exchange server credentials...
  • Business Software (BuS)

    Microsoft Business Solutions downsizing

    Microsoft Reorgs Business Division, SMS&P Unit Ayala - gone (now senior vice president of the new Emerging Segments Market Development group) CRM - gone (moved into the Office group)
  • A Canuck In The Machine

    Canadian Meet-Up @ PDC

    To clarify - breakfast @ the convention centre in the meal hall. We will find a table and put up the flag...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Watching ChrisCap Give a Demo

    Chris Caposella is the VP of Office marketing -- senior guy. I've worked with him on a couple of different things, and he's a great guy. What I didn't know until today's PDC is that he's an old-school product demo guy. The art of the old-fashioned product...
  • In the Trenches

    Learn More about Programming Windows Vista Search & Organize on Channel 9

    A couple of weeks ago, a couple of my colleagues and I sat down with Robert Scoble and Catherine Heller to talk about Programming Windows Vista Search and Organize. That interview was posted this morning and you can find it here .
  • .NET Compact Framework Team

    Use MSDN Product Feedback Center

    The .NetCF team would like to encourage you to use the MSDN Product Feedback Center to provide product feedback and feature requests . The Product Feedback Center provides benefits of being able to track your issues and search for similar issues previously...
  • Eric Lee - A Humble Blog

    Dusting off my blog

    Shame on me, I've done a terrible job with blogging [:)] I haven't blogged much because I didn't want to add clutter to the excellent blogs that already exist for Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server. However, recently, one of my colleagues...
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