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  • barrybo

    DeviceEmulator and Virtual Switch inside VirtualPC/VirtualServer

    One of the great things about the DeviceEmulator is that it runs inside VirtualPC and VirtualServer. However, there is one gotcha about using the Virtual Switch driver (download from
  • notes and rants

    Another test pattern template

    I’ve been toying with the idea of a simpler pattern for test case design. My goal in this thought process is to find a way for good testers to formalize the techniques they use as test patterns in a manner that allows them to quickly document a pattern...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    Useful New BizTalk BAM Documents Released

    We just released two great resources for BizTalk BAM aficionados. The first, BAM Frequently Asked Questions covers great topics like BAM tracing, common errors, maintaining the BAM databases and more. Good stuff. I really like the second doc...
  • A Technology Influencer's musings

    The parallel shape DOES NOT give you concurrent parallel processing - a common mistake

    After running across this topic several times (and in several different places) over the past few weeks, I thought it would be worth writing up a quick blurb about it. This topic I've run into revolves around the parallel shape in BizTalk orchestrations...
  • Steve Clayton

    Microsoft Messaging and Mobility User Groups in the UK

    Jason has posted the agenda for what looks like a good gathering of UK messaging and mobile folks. Eileen will be there doing her thang on Exchange 2007 and the initial session at our office in Reading will be followed by one at our SoHo office in London...
  • Adventures In SoftwareLand

    BitZipper is in the Project Glidepath Windows Vista Spotlight!

    BitZipper from Bitberry Software has passed the tests and is being featured on the Project Glidepath Windows Vista Spotlight of MicroISV applications! Their Zune is on-the-way! The queue of applications to test is filling up but more Zunes are still...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore


    Hello ALL! I am the new LIVE Evangelist for Singapore and I hope you will enjoy my ramblings on issues and technology in our new Web 2.0 world. 2007 is going to be an exciting year for us here as I can't remember when Microsoft has had so much technology...
  • Jonas Deibe - Dynamics CRM, C#, JS

    Building a new demo disc on Windows 2008 Server

    Today was a good day to rebuild my CRM 4.0 demo discs. I started up with downloading latest version of OS (windows 2008 server), to be honest is my first time installing w2008. The installation was super smooth and we have added very nice features to...
  • Application Security Arena

    Welcome to my Blog

    Hi, My Name is Nimrod Luria and I'm a consultant at the ACE team. at the next few days i will transfer all my posts to here from my old blog. more about the ACE team can be found here: my old blog can...
  • Robert Folkesson

    Kom igång med ASP.NET

    Har du funderat på att börja kika på webbutveckling med ASP.NET men vet inte riktigt hur du ska komma igång? Faktum är att det är enkelt att ladda hem och installera en gratis Express-version av världens bästa utvecklingsmijö (Visual Studio springer...
  • Alina's blog


    I know that this is a little bit “out of subject”, but I can’t stop to write about another cool online service : “Microsoft released Photosynth on Wednesday. The free online service arranges photo sets in their real-world, 3-D context and allows people...
  • Jim O'Neil - Technology Evangelist

    Dynamic Data in Waltham

    This coming Thursday, September 4th, I'll be presenting on ASP.NET Dynamic Data to the New England Visual Basic Professional User Group at Microsoft's Waltham office, 201 Jones Road ( one-click directions ). I started working with this technology at the...
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