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  • Canadian Developer Connection

    On a Cloud: Projects & Advanced Dequeuing

    General Project Layout My general thoughts that guide me in deciding which services to use and also how to structure the code projects to add the most value to the project. PaaS over IaaS Projects layout & SDK's Dequeue Dynamics...
  • blog Arquitetura de Soluções

    MIX09: Novidades do SQL Data Services

    Olá pessoal, tudo certo? O MIX09 foi semana passada, deixando algumas indicações sobre o que deve chegar com os próximos CTP’s do Windows Azure e seus serviços. Destaco aqui 2 palestras importantes: What's New in Microsoft SQL Data Services Nigel Ellis...
  • Luis Panzano - BLOG

    Steve Ballmer presenta el nuevo Windows Phone

    Lo podéis ver en directo desde este mismo blog o en ACTUALIZACÍON Podéis ver más información y hasta probar un simulador del WP7 en: Y para los que quieran...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Announcing the FY12 Q1 Microsoft Dynamics Sales Professional Community Sales Leaderboards

    If you aren’t currently signed up to participate in the Microsoft Dynamics Sales Professional Community , here’s another great reason get involved! Please join us in congratulating the community members who performed well in Quarter 1 Fiscal...
  • INDEED blog

    Windows 7 е вече тук!

    На 22.10.2009 г. сутринта, няколко часа преди световната премиера в Ню Йорк, българските журналисти имаха възможност да се запознаят от близо с най-очакваната операционна система на нашата компания – Windows 7 . Но какви са новините за софтуерните...
  • The Supply Chain Guy

    You either manage it, or it will manage you!

    And just what is it that I'm talking about???...... I'm talking about that piece of the process, that one thing you can focus on to make more money for your company if you would only pay attention to it and improve it!!!! I'm talking about the constraint...
  • Shake to Develop

    bharry's WebLog : July '08 Power Tools are available!

    Oh, how we just love getting new Team System Power Tools!  Grab ‘em while they’re hot!  Details from Brian Harry here : bharry's WebLog : July '08 Power Tools are available! Or, if you just can’t wait another second, download right from here...
  • SBSC Canada Blog

    Microsoft urgent security update for December 17

    Please read below carefully and ensure that you update your systems accordingly. As a SBSC and trusted IT professional, communicate this notice out further to your clients to ensure they are also protected. This alert is to provide you with an overview...
  • Morten Schioldan

    Search 2.0

    Well -- this blog has been active *and* empty for two year now, so I finally decided to do something about it. My big passion is working with Enterprise Search both from the business/information management and technology side of things. But more importantly...
  • Udvikler Update

    Registreringen til PDC er åben

    Jeg vil lige gøre opmærksom på at du kan registrere dig som deltager på PDC (Professional Developers Conference), som finder sted i Los Angeles den 27-30. oktober 2008. Det er selvfølgelig ikke gratis, men du kan spare 200 USD, hvis du tilmelder dig nu...
  • MSDN UK Team blog

    Video: More conversations with David Chappell about Windows Azure

    It's always a pleasure to converse with an old friend and colleague, David Chappell ( ), this time in London during his world tour where he has been talking about cloud computing, Windows Azure and its impact on developers. In this...
  • Fernando Garcia Loera (@ferglo)

    Architecture for a Storage System

    Nuestro buen amigo John Charles Olamendy nos comparte su artículo: Architecture for a Storage System As part of my role as a Chief-Architect, in these days I’ve been involved in the architecture definition of a complex solution. I had to analyze the scenarios...
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