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  • Explore, Learn & Share!

    Getting started with Blogging!!

    I am a developer in MS having an experience in MS Technologies. I would like to share my findings here....
  • More than just Technology

    What's Happening in Barcelona?

    I'm heading to Barcelona this week to attend the first week of TechEd (the dev week). I'll also be wining and dining some of our community members. Additionally I'll be working at the .NET Framework Booth. Those of you who know me know I'm not technical...
  • MSDN Popcon

    ‘도농상생, 사랑의 알곡 나누기’ 행사

    한국마이크로소프트는 경기도 시흥시 거모종합사회복지관을 찾아 쌀을 기증하고 다양한 봉사활동을 펼치는 `도농상생, 사랑의 알곡 나누기' 행사를 하였습니다. 올해로 3년째를 맞는 이번 행사에는 약 80여명의 한국마이크로소프트 임직원들이 자원봉사자로 참여, 자매결연 마을인 전남 영암군 성재리로부터 구매한 쌀 300포대를 기증하고 김장 및 밑반찬 만들어 배달하기, 경로식당 배식, 연달배달, 영ㆍ유아 돌보기, 어린이 영어학습 지도, 컴퓨터 시스템 정비...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Advanced Sales Workshops

    Microsoft is happy to partner with Salesworks, Inc, to provide these 3½-day workshops designed for account executives and sales managers who are responsible for closing new customer opportunities. You’ll participate in a highly experiential program of...
  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Join Us for the Microsoft Dynamics United States Regional FY11 Q4 Quarterly Partner Briefings

    Stay connected to the latest Microsoft Dynamics news and events during this quarterly web seminar focused on providing you content from both the Microsoft corporate and regional field teams. This call is designed to help you prioritize key Microsoft initiatives...
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Surface Pro Academic Purchasing Process

    With the recent release of the Surface Pro , and just over 6 months since the launch of the RT device , we hope you’ve had a good chance to get your hands on one and have a play. If, like us, you love the Surface and want to get a device, accessories...
  • Meng-Ru Tsai's Blog

    我常看哪些部落格?–Windows Store App 相關網路資源分享

    首先,Windows Store App 在 Facebook 有中文討論社團喔! 這裡提供了互相討論的自由空間,同時也能即時獲得免費課程、最新技術變化等資訊,歡迎已在開發或有興趣接觸的夥伴加入:       中文部落格: - .Net 海角點部落 - 人稱 Bill 淑,MVP,也是 Windows Store App 獲利模式探討 的主講人,同時亦專精於 Windows...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Discounts Available Now with Early Bird Registration for SharePoint Conference


    Early-bird registration has opened for SharePoint Conference in November 12-15, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Register  before June 29 for early-bird registration rate. Save $400(US).

    Register now to give yourself a competitive edge and get the inside scoop about 'SharePoint 15' while learning how to better use SharePoint 2010. Get informed with the best in the field: Engineers who built the product, Microsoft Certified Masters, and MVPs. Gain invaluable knowledge to increase your productivity and stay ahead of the game through hundreds of focused breakout sessions, hands-on lab environments, and instructor-led lab scenarios.

  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    MSDN TechTalks - Wed 31 Jan 07

    Software development and project management is a complex task. As a matter of fact leading market research companies have found at that Only 29% of software projects succeed, 53% are challenged and 18% fail On average projects overrun by 56% on cost and...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    The Microsoft Student Partner Program in Singapore

    Every once in a while, I get inquiries on the Microsoft Student Partner Program here in Singapore. You'll find a brief description of the program below and you're more than welcome to contact one of your local Student Partner reps if you want more information...
  • the little bits of BIG pictures

    130 Years Ago Today the Music Industry Began

    On this date in 1877 Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph. It would take 10 years after that before a commercial product was available. By 1915 the first platinum record was sold and the Media and Entertainment Industry was firmly established. Take a...
  • INDEED blog

    Imagine Cup 2013 – локални финали (част 2)

    Категория Иновации беше най-атрактивна за участниците в Imagine Cup 2013 от България, като на финалите в нея се представиха 8 проекта. С какво ни впечатлиха екипите, можете да прочетете тук: Continuum Екип: Стоян Узунов, Радостин Георгиев, Делян Иванов...
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