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  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Are You on Track? Be A Part of 2012 Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club and Inner Circle Partner Recognition Programs

    With two months remaining in Microsoft Fiscal Year 2012, now is the time to review your progress toward recognition within two of Microsoft Dynamics prestigious partner programs. The 2012 Partner Recognition Program for Microsoft Dynamics recognizes our...
  • Microsoft UK Faculty Connection

    Microsoft BizSpark: Helping startups succeed with all the right resources

    Microsoft® BizSpark™ is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to...
  • bharry's WebLog

    eScrum と TFS 2008

    eScrum アドオン (英語) が TFS 2008 で動作するかどうかについて、いくつか質問が寄せられました。コードを記述した人物に問い合わせ、回答を得ました。以下に記載します。 既存の eScrum MSDN リリースには、TFS 2008 と互換性があります。ただし、Web サービスと TFS 2008 を同じコンピュータにインストールするシナリオの場合は、アプリケーションの web.config をアップデートする必要があります。 この変更は、既存の TFS クライアントのアセンブリ...
  • IEBlog Português

    XMLHttpRequest responseXML no IE10 Release Preview

    O IE10 no Windows 8 Release Preview atualiza o responseXML de um XMLHttpRequest para retornar um documento XML nativo por padrão. Esta alteração se aplica aos modos de documentos Padrões e Quirks do IE10, fazendo com que eles sejam interoperáveis com...
  • Beth Massi的中文博客

    10 月 6 日和 7 日的硅谷代码营

    [原文发表地址]  Silicon Valley Code Camp October 6th & 7th [原文发表时间]  2012-09-14 9:56 哇,我不敢相信又到了今年的这一时节!自从7 年前开始此活动,我就一直在 SVCC 上演讲,它正变得规模越来越大。看起来主题列表和日程已经定下来了,我很兴奋在如此多不同的技术领域里参与 庞大阵容的会话 。 Scott Guthrie 将只在周日出席,所以一定要签出 他的Azure会话 。 我将谈到使用 Visual...
  • Der deutsche Education Blog

    Großes Upgrade, kleiner Preis - Jetzt Windows 8 sichern!

    Seit dem Start von Windows 8 ist nun schon einige Zeit vergangen, aber wer schnell ist kann noch bis zum 31. Januar 2013 von unserem Upgrade-Angebot profitieren und richtig Geld sparen! Bis Ende Januar kostet das Upgrade auf Windows 8 Pro nämlich...
  • Gunther's Blog

    ISV Architect Evangelist Newbie

    My first entry on my MSDN blog :-). Exactly two weeks ago I started a new and exciting position as a ISV Architect Evangelist at Microsoft. After 11 years at Siemens it is a great experience to join a dynamic team of great individuals to help Independent...
  • Matt Pilgrim - Talking 'Soft

    Silverlight hits the BBC....

    This weekend was Radio 1's Big weekend , a festival styled event at Mote Park in Maidstone. Billed as being Europe's largest free ticketed event there were a host of stars performing including Madonna, Usher and the Fratellis. Feedback from the event...
  • thebeebs

    How you can allow a user to edit pages with HTML5

    When a user wants to change some information on a webpage it's often very jarring to ask them to go to another form to edit the content. Users find it difficult to understand how the changes they make on a form will effect the resultant page. Therefore...
  • thebeebs

    Painstaking Work

    I often think that web development work can be painstaking. Aligning pixels across browsers can be hard work, but it's nothing when you compare it to the work that Kim Rugg does: Kim Rugg from Cool Hunting on Vimeo .
  • Shenanigans with SharePoint

    Adding Site Collection Admin in CSOM in a SharePoint 2013 App

    My Microsoft Consulting Services buddy (David Weinstein) and I couldn’t find any documentation on adding a Site Collection Administrator in SharePoint 2013.  I thought I would try to remedy that. When looking at our documentation I noticed a comment...
  • Heavily Caffeinated

    GitHub Language Correlation for Jan 1 2014 - Feb 1 2015

    GitHub seems like a great place to view some statistics regarding development languages. I wanted to see what I could find out there in regards to GitHub data. There were a couple choices I had: use their open API (which allow for a limited set...
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