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  • The Code House

    What is a FormBuildControl

    A FormBuildControl is the base class for all form design time components, mainly: FormBuildGroupControl FormBuildGuidControl FormBuildstringControl FormBuildInt64Control FormBuildIntControl FormBuildListBoxControl FormBuildListControl FormBuildMenuButtonControl...
  • Daniel Egan DotNetDoc

    Tale of 3 Platforms

    The Tale of 3 Platforms Written on January 24, 2012 by Daniel Egan in TaleOf3Platforms , Windows Phone It was the best of times… it was the worst of times…. ok..ok… it is really the best of times to me. The tech world continues to push all things into...
  • Ferglo

    Instalando Granja de Servidores SharePoint 2010 Small Farm (3-Tier)

    Nuestro buen amigo Haarón González nos comparte su artículo: Instalando Granja de Servidores SharePoint 2010 Small Farm (3-Tier) Para un programador SharePoint es importante conocer la arquitectura de la plataforma y en ese...
  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ

    Visual Studio & ALM Advent Calendar

    昨年に引き続き有志による ALM Advent Calendar が行われています。 ALM Advent Calendar 2012 また、Visual Studioのもはじまっています。 Visual Studio Advant Calendar 2012 私は有志の方々の邪魔をしないように、ひとり気ままなAdvent Calendarを実施していますw 現時点までの投稿は以下です。今後も毎日(分)投稿します。 ひとり気ままな Advent Calendar: TFS 2012 with Update...
  • 개발자용 Windows 스토어 블로그

    여러분의 앱으로 “Windows 8과 HealthVault를 이용한 소비자 건강 관리 앱 겨루기" 행사에 참여하세요!

    건강 관리 서비스가 놀라운 속도로 발전하고 있습니다. 개발자들에게는 그 어느 때보다도 전 세계 사람들의 삶을 향상시킬 수 있는 앱을 만들 기회가 주어진 것입니다. Microsoft는 2013년 5월 13일부터 14일까지 개최된 건강: 리팩터링 이라는 행사를 후원했습니다. 이 행사는 건강 관리 분야에 대해 배우고, 공유하고, 소통하기를 원하는 앱 개발자와 디자이너, 기술 전문가들을 위해 실리콘밸리에서 이틀간 진행된 컨퍼런스입니다. 이 컨퍼런스에서...
  • Johan Lindfors

    Vill du prova på Ninja Blade till Xbox 360, lite före andra?

    Vår eminenta nyhetsblogg har lagt upp ett inlägg där de delar ut fem stycken demo-koder till Ninja Blade om du vill prova på spelet på din Xbox 360. Det enda du behöver göra är att gå till bloggen och skriva en kommentar. Det är också en bra blogg att...
  • Adrian Ford on XPS et cetera

    WinHEC 2008

    WinHEC is the only Microsoft conference that focuses on designing PCs, servers, and devices that run and interface with Microsoft Windows. This year, WinHEC 2008 is at the Los Angeles Convention Center from November 5-7. Details are at
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Partner Redistribution of Search Server Express

    We’ve heard from many partners who are interested in redistributing Search Server Express with their hardware and software solutions.  Microsoft Partners can now do so by registering for the new end-user license agreement (available here ) . This...
  • Wot u do with .net

    Mashed08 star log Day 1 13:00

    Done my session  - good audience size, seemed to be good interest. There are at least a couple of robot applications happening :-) Here are my demo resources that I showed: ZipFile Nao doing the Haka was well received as the Twitter Blimp :-)
  • Mark Michelet's Microsoft Platform Blog

    63% of Organizations to adopt Windows Server 2008

    More momentum for Windows Server 2008:
  • Dr. SharePoint

    Tahan muuta oma SharePointi nime vol. 2

    Paar artiklit tagasi kirjutasin sellest kuidas muuta oma juba kasutusel oleva SharePointi nime. Kirjeldasin moodust kuidas seda teha läbi Web Application laiendamise. Web Application'de laiendused on kasutusel selleks, et erinevatelt aadressidelt...
  • Frederic Aatz's blog

    Les opérations du MTC par Osiatis

    Après une année d’opérations du Microsoft Technology Center, Osiatis confirme, dans ce cadre très visible, son savoir faire dans l’infogérance des infrastructures Microsoft. De la virtualisation massive avec Hyper-V, à l’automatisation des déploiements...
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