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  • MSDN Malaysia

    SharePoint Community Day 2013

    This event brought to you by: SharePoint User Group SharePoint Server 2013 unbelievably is the largest update ever happened to the product itself! Malaysia SharePoint User Group is organizing a SharePoint Community Day to bring you technology updates...
  • mon journal d'architecture

    De l’innovation « made in East Canada »

    Vous savez que dans mon rôle, je couvre le territoire de l'est du Canada. J'ai la chance de rencontrer plusieurs personnes très compétentes et d'apprendre et grandir dans ces relations. Je veux partager certaines histoires avec vous pour mettre en...
  • Mark Brown's Web Platform Blog

    I'm a Slacker, no it's True...

    So I've been slacking lately in blogging. I haven't blogged since last week when I was down in SF for Web 2.0. That was a great show and I met tons of cool people. Went to the Yahoo Brickhouse down town for a party but when I showed up they ran out of...
  • New England ISV Architect Evangelist

    Guide to getting free Azure access

    Jim O’Neil has a great blog post that guides your through to the introductory specials and other offers that enable free access to Azure.  Check it out:
  • Education

    Queensland Universities on Twitter

    I've just been doing some research, to look at which universities in Australia are using Twitter. I couldn't find a list of them nationally, so I've had to go look up each one individually. I've started with New South Wales universities on Twitter , then...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    RAF Postmortem

    Summary The Microsoft Regional Architect Forum (RAF) Southeast Asia was held on 16th May 2007 in Singapore at the Intercontinental Hotel Ballroom. RAF is Microsoft’s premier gathering of strategic architects and other key influencers from enterprises...
  • Matt Deacon's digestive blog

    Sustainability @ Microsoft

    Deck I recently used at the HP Innovating for a sustainable future event last week.Full of fun pictures if nothing else ...
  • Res Ipsa Loquitor

    Commenting on my MBA - I

    A nother great busy week, with lots of time invested in a benchmarking research for this week's case study in my MBA program. In my discussion question this week, I chose to talk about the six reasons customers buy online, according to authors Kerin,...
  • Pasi's Plot

    Superlaskentaa vuoden 1885 tyyliin

    Miten laskea oikeat rakennekaltevuudet erittäin suurikokoiselle kivirakennukselle? Holvikaaret täytyy suunnitella oikeaan kulmaan, jotta ne kantaisivat ylempien rakennekerrosten painon. Nykyään homma ratkaistaisiin tietokonepohjaisesti sopivalla rakennesuunnitteluohjelmalla...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格


    虛擬上市發表會,就是今天! 本文: 現在快到 參加 Office 暨 SharePoint 的虛擬即時上市發表會! 發佈日期: 8/15/2010 11:37 PM 這是翻譯後的部落格文章。英文原文請參閱 Virtual launch event today Virtual launch event today Body: Join the live virtual launch event for Office and SharePoint...
  • Master Data Services Team Blog

    What's New in Master Data Services - SQL2016 CTP3(October) Release

      In SQL Server 2016 CTP3 release MDS is introducing following features Change Sets You can use change sets to save pending changes to an entity, and you can view and modify pending changes. If the entity requires approval for changes, you must save...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Released: Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Subsequent to the announcement earlier, we have released Customer Care Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Codeplex (Open Source Project Community). The Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM focuses on delivering contact...
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