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  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Microsoft collaborates with Universities to make educational games

    This seems to have started from one of my colleagues in Microsoft Research wanting to improve his language skills through the medium of role-playing games.  It worked but it seems that not many people understand why. So, Microsoft is now co-funding...
  • Microsoft SharePoint 小組部落格

    使用 SharePoint 2013 在幾分鐘內建置特殊化的搜尋體驗

    英文原文已於 2012 年 10 月 10 日星期三發佈 對象:搜尋管理員/IT 專業人員 先決條件:本文假設讀者已經具備基本的 SharePoint 2010 搜尋管理知識。 SharePoint 2013 Preview 中的企業搜尋中心幾乎會搜尋 SharePoint 編目的所有內容。這就是為什麼它的搜尋結果會標示為「全部內容」: 但對於特殊化的資料或案例來說,您通常會想要一個相符的特殊化搜尋體驗。這就是「全部內容」旁邊的連結。例如,[人員] 可將您帶至 [人員搜尋...
  • Mikael Deurell

    New job for the not-so-young grasshopper...

    Året hade inte kunnat få en bättre start! Navigerade till MCS vid årsskiftet och med start idag börjar jag ett nytt uppdrag som Developer Technology Specialist på DPE. Helt ärligt är det ett fett drömuppdrag som i praktiken innebär att jag teamar ihop...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Policies for Windows Phone Marketplace Announced


    oday, Microsoft introduced the new set of Windows Phone Marketplace policies that will govern the application submission and certification process as Windows Phone 7 comes to market. We’re taking the next step with Marketplace to attract a much wider range of professional and non-professional developers and designers.

  • US ISV Evangelism

    Check Out the Killer Apps for Surface

    Fast Company has assembled a set of videos that show off the capabilities of Surface. As developers find ways to make Surface's gorgeous multi-user interface shine, more and more companies are turning to the device to reinvent their customer experience...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Video Shows New Windows 8 Features


    This week, Microsoft demonstrated the next generation of Windows, internally code-named “Windows 8,” for the first time. Windows 8 is a reimagining of Windows, from the chip to the interface. A Windows 8-based PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from touch-only small screens through to large screens, with or without a keyboard and mouse.

    The demo showed some of the ways we’ve reimagined the interface for a new generation of touch-centric hardware. Fast, fluid and dynamic, the experience has been transformed while keeping the power, flexibility and connectivity of Windows intact.

    A first look at the new "Windows 8" user interface

  • Chronicles of a Web Developer

    First post

    This is the first post to my blog and I’d like to start off with some introduction to what I do in Microsoft. I am a developer with the MSN Global Homepages Engineering team, the team that develops the MSN homepages for US and international markets. For...
  • Microsoft Australia in Health

    Presentations from HealthVault Solutions Conference

    Two weeks ago we held the 2008 HealthVault Solutions conference in Washington for the large number of HealthVault Partners already building solutions around the platform. The presentations from that event are now available on our HealthVault Developer...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Imagine Cup Windows Azure Challenge – Sign Up Now

    The Imagine Cup Windows Azure Challenge is about getting you and your Team started on the “next big thing” by leveraging Windows Azure platform features to build a web application. We encourage you to keep an open mind and apply your creativity when considering...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Fujitsu launches Hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft Windows Azure customers

    Fujitsu announced today Hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft Windows Azure. The offering enables government and enterprise customers to benefit from hybrid cloud solutions and in doing so achieve operating cost reductions of typically 30% or more. For...
  • 微軟技術社群 Microsoft Technical Community


    微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家 (Community and MVP) 及微軟研究開發處視窗平台產品部門 (Windows Division) ,即將在 93 年 9 月 10 日(星期五) 共同主辦 「微軟研究開發處與微軟技術社群暨最有價值專家平台高峰會」 ,誠摯的邀請您參加。   活動議程: Topic (1) Windows XP SP2 system and device installation. Topic (2) Virtual Server and Virtual PC 時間地點: 日期...
  • 慢步在雲端... 邱英瑞(Jacky)

    Windows Azure + Team Foundation Service = Awesome

      自己做完整個流程後, 真的覺得是太方便了. 可以想像一下, 若我們自己要架設這些機器要花多少時, 現在就像水龍頭一樣, 開了就可以有水了. 哇... 示意圖如下:   主要關鍵是將 Windows Azure Web Site 與 Team Foundation Service 做連結, 如下圖:   按下『Set Up TFS publishing』, 畫面會需要填入一個 URL. 如下圖:   細詳步驟請參考: Continuous Delivery...
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