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  • Just Coding

    NUnit 2.2.3

    I was waiting for the new version, it has been tested with .Net 2.0 RTM.
  • Michael Rys

    SQL Server 2005, and Quiznos: What do they have in common?

    Now that we have shipped SQL Server 2005, I am happy to see that people are interested in using it. Today, I ask you the following riddle: What does SQL Server 2005, and Quiznos have in common? Well, here is the answer: Here is a...
  • David Wang

    Thoughts on Connection_Abandoned_By_AppPool

    So, lately I have been getting a variety of questions about non-IIS but related issues. This is a slippery slope... but let me see how far it can go. Question: dear david: I have a problem about the application pool ,it will crash after some...
  • Brad Abrams

    The SLAR (vol2) on System.Runtime.InteropServices.CharSet

    Continuing in the series sharing some of the information in the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 1 and .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 2 with some information on CharSet. public enum CharSet { ...
  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    Mobile & Wireless Research Funding Initiative

    Posted by: Sue Loh On a similar note, I learned today that Microsoft Research is currently accepting research funding proposals for mobile & wireless technologies, with a focus on digital inclusion:
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Keyboard shortcuts for navigation on the DSL design surface

    I was just dealing with an issue raised on our MSDN Product Feedback center and I realized it might have broader appeal. Keyboard navigation in either the DSL Tools or the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and Distributed Systems Designers has...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    64bit frustrations

    I'm like every other computer geek out there.... "64bit, wow, cool!" Well, to a point... My latest woe is that I need to install the directx 9.0c SDK for some work I'm doing but alas it won't install. I guess that means it's time to fire up Virtual...
  • Test Blog


    Anybody have suggestions on how to make a blog successful? What makes you want to post a comment? What makes you always want to go back to that blog and read or subscribe for email notifications or RSS?
  • Outlook 12

    Let’s Start Again: Account Configuration

    This seems like a good place to start, since this is how many of our customers first become acquainted with Outlook. One of the themes for Outlook 12 is “Connect across boundaries.” For many customers, the first boundary they encounter is between them...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Speakers needed for Pittsburg Code Camp!

    Are you in the Pittsburgh area (or willing to make a day trip there) and interested in sharing information with your peers in the developer community? Then you have a golden opportunity to do so at the upcoming Pittsburgh Code Camp on December 10th. ...
  • IEBlog

    Genuine Windows and Browsers

    The information published in this post is now out-of-date and one or more links are invalid. —IEBlog Editor, 12 September 2012 The core of my team’s job is to make IE7 and Windows Vista so compelling so that people choose our products. The people...
  • Tom Miller's Blog


    So I have a buddy that recently embarked on a new adventure that could be quite thrilling. Ok, so he got a new job. Now, i've had friends get new jobs before, so what makes me go decide to talk about this one? Simple, he is now working for the company...
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