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  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    How and when should you customize your cover letter?

    Ian from the Being Bold blog talks about the customization of cover letters and points to keep in mind if you are thinking about narrowing or expanding the focus of your job search. And my thoughts ... When emailing your resume to potential employers...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    You can't do Edit-and-Continue with Interop-debugging on.

    Somebody asked on the forums about Edit-and-Continue (EnC) in mixed mode . You can't use managed EnC with mixed-mode ( interop ) debugging enabled. This is a limitation of the CLR Debugging Services. Both Interop-debugging and EnC are complicated features;...
  • Tom Archer's Blog

    Free Microsoft Certification Exam (in Visual C++)

    Sorry for the late notice, but I've just been informed that there's a free Visual C++ 2005 certification exam available (#71-526). While this is a "beta" exam and is only good until January 31, it does count towards certification in the same way as the...
  • Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

    Taking the Show on the Road

    I just finished a couple weeks where I got to present our “12”-wave plans to internal and external groups. I told audiences not only was I excited to talk about the new software, I was equally grateful to be released temporarily from the locked R&D...
  • Quangularity Institute

    SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

    The Express Edition is an update/upgrade for MSDE and is definitely worth a look. has a great article that compares the two. [Read] Compare the Editions of all SQL Server 2005 [Read]
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Barcode Capture in how many lines of code ?

    I'm working on a demo to show at Embedded World in Germany next month - My plan is to show how Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) can streamline your embedded operating system development experience in much...
  • Quangularity Institute

    WSS Admin Guide Updated

    The latest version has been posted and include updates to SP2, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2003 R2, and ADFS. Windows SharePoint Services Administrator's Guide
  • OfficeRocker!

    Relevancy: will your clicks outlive you?

    There is that phrase about today's news being tomorrows fish and chip wrappers but not in the world of digital information. Now we find out that Google logs every search we ever did , it got me thinking.. as technology advances and search improves...
  • OfficeRocker!

    Try Calibri not Comic Sans

    Comic Sans is a font never designed for the purposes it is often used for but people use it because they want a more contemporary look and a more personal feel to their text. This is one reason why we have introduced new fonts in Office 12. They are also...
  • Quangularity Institute

    SPS/WSS/CMS Resources

    This list will be continually updated! Microsoft:
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    MSBee CTP 1 Survey Results

    Monday I collected the current survey results from the people that have been using the MSBee CTP . I wanted to share what we heard with all of you. We received a total of 21 responses for 75 survey requests that were sent out. It feels like we mostly...
  • Joe Calev's WebLog

    Would you like to work in the Microsoft speech team?

    Do you want to help make the world Speech-enabled? Microsoft Speech Server is doing just that by providing the best tools for developers of Speech applications around the world. The MSS Application Tuning Tools team needs a superstar S oftware D esign...
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