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  • Backstage @ Robotics

    A Thousand Apologies

    I realize that we've past the deadline for notifying all content submission owners. We promised that we'll send out the email yesterday 1/30. There were some issues internally with our process and systems and we should be done by tomorrow latest. We...
  • Expression Blend and Design

    Alexander Lih's Digital Clock Sample

    Alexander Lih has used workflow between Expression Graphic Designer and Expression Interactive Designer to build a digital clock sample [1]. Thanks Alexander, we like it! [1]
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Digital Games & Society Blog

    Who says playing Xbox can't prepare you for college? Michigan State University has a course called Digital Games & Society . As homework, students post entries to a " Student Blog ." There are some very interesting posts, actually got me thinking...
  • Geek Runs Through My Veins

    Developing MSBee - Part 9

    Over the past week, I've spent a good chunk of time working on the MSBee Installer. We want an installer so a user no longer needs to drag and drop the MSBee DLL and targets files into the appropriate directory. Additionally, the installer ensures all...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Index creation performance issues

    In this post: Index creation performance question I asked: Is it faster to fill a table with values, then index it or create the index on an empty table, then fill it? Why? After a record in a cursor is modified, any associated index must be updated...
  • Rob Caron

    MSF for CMMI Process Improvement and CMMI Area Coverage

    I attended the VSTS for Everyone pre-conference workshop at VSLive! on Sunday, which Richard Hale Shaw and Martin Shoemaker presented. During the day, a fellow attendee asked about parity between MSF for CMMI Process Improvement and CMMI Level 3 process...
  • GerardoDada

    Chewy is blogging

    Chewy is blogging! Check it out - thanks to Kevin for the link Very funny!
  • David L's Blog

    Nigel pedals a VSTS Team Suite upgrade!

    Nigel has been on holidays for the past week and arrived today to find two boxes sitting on his desk. Nigel sits right next to me; so while his discovery may have been shiny and new to him, for me, it’s been a festering pustule of mystery for...
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Living in a giant’s world

    What do you do when your “small” ergonomic chair is actually taller than your original chair? Sigh. Well, at least with the armrests off, I can finally lower my desk to the proper height. And to think I was a soccer goalkeeper in high school. At least...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Bug Density - A reason for considering Managed Code ?

    I had an interesting discussion with someone from India last night about embedded software development, one of the subjects we discussed was why someone should consider using Managed (C#/VB) vs. Native (C/C++) application development. Perhaps some...
  • The All TECHNICAL Blog

    Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring

    Overview Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 Desired Configuration Monitoring is a powerful solution to monitor configuration settings across all server roles and hardware types for non-compliance. Administrators can define desired configuration models...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    MIX.06 Gadget Contest

    Happy Days! Finally a contest that is open to local developers too. Get coding if you want a free pass to MIX! MIX.06 Gadget Contest Want to mix the next web at the MIX conference hosted by Microsoft? Interested in building Gadgets for...
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