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  • PeteL's Blog

    IE Forums on MSDN

    Finally, a place to ask web development questions on the MSDN Forums! Today, we launched two new forums on MSDN, Internet Explorer Web Development , for discussions about HTML, CSS, and script for IE. The second one Internet Explorer Extension Development...
  • Paul Cornell

    Getting (My) Things Done

    When I first started working at Microsoft many years ago (almost 9 years, in fact), many of the folks at my new hire orientation told me that I would be "blasted by an information firehose." They were right, of course, and each year that goes by magnifies...
  • MSDN geekSpeak

    Resources from geekSpeak webcast - Mobility with Jim Wilson

    Many thanks to all of those who participated in the first geekSpeak webcast in our series - Jacob and I (and Jim) really appreciated all the great quesitons. Here are the links we mentioned on the webcast, for your enjoyment. Jim's Blog Windows...
  • Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve

    Scott Berry: Windows Forms/WPF Interop Gotchas

    If you're doing anything with Windows Forms and WPF interop, be sure to check out Scott Berry's post: Gotchas For Working With Windows Forms/WPF Interop Lots of good tips.
  • Write Ahead Blog

    Routing Service Broker conversations (Part 1)

    To allow conversations across SQL Server instances, Service Broker provides a binary adjacent transport protocol. Brokers can communicate directly from initiating service to target service or use multiple intermediate forwarding brokers. In order to identify...
  • Czech MSDN Blog

    Windows Vista & IE7, Prague 02/10/2006

    Přijďte se podívat na novinky v IE7 a ve Vistě. Přednášky budou u nás v budově Microsoftu a přednášet budou přední odborníci, kteří se podílejí na vývoji těchto produktů. Prezentace budou v angličtině...
  • Ashish Thapliyal's Blog

    Understanding Windows Presentation Foundation

    Windows Presentation Foundation The Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly known as “Avalon”) is the new strategic graphics subsystem in Windows that provides a unified approach to user interface, 2D and 3D graphics, documents and media. Built on...
  • Steve Clayton

    shell: revealed

    Looks like a great new blog from the Windows Client team and if they're going to share some insights on the Vista shell design they'll have me as a loyal reader. Thanks to MS Tech Today for finding this. As you would expect, the site looks cool - lets...
  • Dan Fernandez's Blog

    Expansions Part 2: Filtered Completion Lists

    I noticed a great question from Luke Hutteman (of SharpReader fame) on Chris Sells blog .  His question is: "Will VS.NET also (like IDEA) be smart enough to give me a dropdown with appropriate values for the template-variables? That...
  • Tim Sneath

    The Only .NET Blog Entry You'll Ever Need to Read

    He's right , you know...
  • Tim Sneath

    Internal Preparations for the PDC

    Several things mark the forthcoming PDC out from other Microsoft conferences I've attended: The fact that it's sold out so quickly, wildly ahead of expectations in this difficult economic climate. (That's not marketing fluff - we would definitely...
  • 青い空の向こうへ

    Windows Azure Active Directory がより多くのSaaS アプリケーションに対応、Premium 機能を強化

    クラウドベースの ID/アクセス 管理サービスを提供する Windows Azure Active Directory の機能が強化され、 よりエンタープライズ向け機能を強化した Premium (2013 年 11 月よりプレビューとして提供) にも機能が追加されています。(Premium を利用する場合は、アカウントの プレビュー機能 のページからのお申し込みが必要です。) Windows Azure Active Directory では SaaS アプリケーションを利用する際の SSO...
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