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  • Flemming's Weblog on Dynamics AX

    Reducing the waste and gettting a "minimalistic" implementation

    People working within supply chain management defintely knows the term "Lean". As in the Toyota production system where the ideas were first realized it refers to the removal of unneccessary waste in a production. I believe there is an opportunity to...
  • D/1195

    Some resources for Architects...

    An Architectural Perspective on Software + Services Technological advances can cause disruption in the use of IT which can have a significant impact on organizations. Beginning with a look at this disruption and the opportunity for innovation that it...
  • Musings on SQL Server Manageability

    CTP6 is live

    Click here for the download . We've done a HUGE amount of work on performance, improving interpreter understanding of sql server 2005, and general product improvements. Please download and use CTP6. Give us your feedback on the forums, and let us know...
  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    Small Business Site 스타터킷 RTW

    Starter Kits: ASP.NET Web: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Site 일전에 공개 된 소기업의 사이트의 시작점으로 사용할 수 있는 Small Business Site 스타터킷의 정식버젼이 나왔습니다. 다시 인용하면: "Small Business Site 스타터 킷은 중소 업체들이 제품, 소식, 직원등을 소개할 사이트를 제작하는데 시작점으로 사용할 수 있는 킷입니다. XML 혹은 SQL을 백엔드로...
  • André Henriksson

    Kodexempel MS Live: VSTO #2

    I min andra demonstration går jag igenom den nya menyn "Ribbon". Du finner koden bifogad till denna postning, det finns kommentarer i de olika filerna som beskriver nyheterna vilka bland annat är: Stora/små knappar Olika typer av kontroller och...
  • FrankPr's World of Devices

    Ihre Ideen. Ihre mobile Software. Ihre $$$!

    Haben Sie eine coole Anwendung für Windows Mobile entwickelt, die Sie für preisverdächtig halten? Dann reichen Sie diese noch bis zum 31.05.2005 beim weltweiten Windows-Mobile-Entwicklerwettbewerb ein und gewinnen Sie 25000 $, 5000 $ oder kostenlose Zertifizierungen...
  • Microsoft XML Team's WebLog

    bulkload and XSD schema constructs

    I have seen quite a few newsgroup posts about SQLXML Bulkload where the users think the schema and the data file that they use are correct, but nothing gets bulkloaded and neither do they get an error. One of the main reasons for this is that bulkload...
  • FitzBlog

    Why do the WSS/SPS teams seem to be so darned tight-lipped about futures?

    You may have noticed this blog’s byline,.in which I refer to myself as “sharing whatever he can get away with” about developing with SharePoint Products and Technologies. Those words were very carefully chosen. Microsoft is not a...
  • Sebastien St-Laurent's (AKA Sebby) WebLog

    Book Announcement: The Complete Effect and HLSL Guide

    In my press release earlier today i've announced two new books. Well, one book and one booklet. I've decided to include a more detailed description of my book taken from . Also note that Paradoxal Press is conducting a pre-order...
  • Shaykatc's WebLog

    C# IDE community chat in an hour!

    Our IDE team is having a community chat in an hour from now (1.00 PM P.S.T)! These are the guys who added refactoring to the C# editor, thought about and added all sorts of cool new intellisense features, snippets to the editor etc. I wont give away too...
  • Inside Architecture

    Why strategy statements are necessary, but insufficient, solutions

    I had the opportunity recently to review an excellent article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) on strategy development, and consider the notion of a business motivation model with respect to how a strategy is constructed. (“Can you say what your strategy...
  • Code Junkie

    TAM v3.0 beta is live!

    A new version of threat analysis and modeling tool has been released. This version has significant improvements from previous version as identified in previous posts. You can find more information on the download link and bugs link from TAM 3.0 Beta is...
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