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  • Australian Teachers Blog

    FREE professional learning workshops coming to a city near you!


    Be inspired by new ways of learning with the latest technologies and leave confident to try something new at your school!

  • Shahed's Blog

    Azure Cloud Tour – Philly

    Want to learn about Azure and also see Scott Guthrie in person? Head on over to the Azure Cloud Tour at a location near you! Azure Cloud Tour:  Details on Philly event: RSVP:
  • rakhiguha

    Resolution:List View webpart sorting not working when added through powershell

    Recently we faced a strange issue in one of our project. We added few list view webparts on different pages using powershell scripting as part of the deployment infrastructure. It was the usual scripting used everywhere. The listview webparts were...
  • The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog

    MVP Monday - Windows Server 2012’s Data Deduplication Feature

    Editor’s Note:  In partnership with Microsoft Press, MVPs have been contributing to an ongoing guest series on their official team blog based on monthly themes. This month’s theme is Windows Server 2012.  Today’s article is from Directory Services...
  • MohamedG's Log

    Reflector Visual Studio Extension - Enable Debugging

    I’ve been using the standalone Reflector.exe for so many years now, and recently I’ve been using JustDecompile too. They have different accuracy levels and different set of distinguishing features, but the one I use in VS is Reflector. I was excited about...
  • ISV Germany

    Surface Windows RT ab 15. Juli für 329 Euro (UVP) erhältlich


    Ab dem 15. Juli ist das Surface Windows RT (32 GB) in Deutschland für 329 Euro (UVP) im autorisierten Fachhandel und online auf erhältlich. Im Paket mit dem passenden Touch-Cover in ist es für 429 Euro (UVP) erhältlich. Die 64 GB Standalone Variante ohne Touch-Cover ist für 429 Euro (UVP) ebenfalls verfügbar. Das Tablet in der 64 GB-Version inklusive Touch-Cover kostet 529 Euro (UVP).
    Die Preise von Surface Windows RT im Überblick

    • Surface Windows RT (32 GB) ohne Touch-Cover                                             329 Euro (UVP)
    • Surface Windows RT (32 GB) mit Touch-Cover                                                429 Euro (UVP)
    • Surface Windows RT (64 GB) ohne Touch-Cover                                             429 Euro (UVP)
    • Surface Windows RT (64 GB) mit Touch-Cover                                                529 Euro (UVP)

    Windows RT ist auf dem Surface bereits vorinstalliert und enthält touch-optimierte Desktop-Versionen der Microsoft Office Anwendungen Word, Excel, PowerPoint und OneNote. Das Surface Windows RT kombiniert die mobile Einsatzfähigkeit eines Tablets mit der Funktionalität eines Laptops. Von der schnellen und flüssigen Benutzeroberfläche bis zur unmittelbaren Verfügbarkeit von wichtigen Kontakten, Informationen und Apps bieten die Surface-Tablets sämtliche Vorteile von Windows. Darüber hinaus stehen zahleiche Cloud Services wie SkyDrive und Xbox Music zur Verfügung.

  • Kaushalendra

    How to sync taxonomy hidden list using PowerShell.

    Taxonomy hidden list gets synced by timer job however there may be scenario when we may have to update the taxonomy hidden list manually. One way to manually update the taxonomy hidden list is using PowerShell script. To update the taxonomy hidden...
  • LeoPonti Blog

    PowerTip: Display All PowerShell Modules and Cmdlets

    Summary : Learn how to display all Windows PowerShell modules and cmdlet names. How can I get output that shows Windows PowerShell module names and the cmdlets or functions that are contained inside the modules? Use the Get-Module cmdlet, and then for each module, display the name and use Get-Command ( gcm is an alias) to retrieve the cmdlets and functions (this is a single-line command broken at the pipe character for readability): Get-Module -ListAvailable | foreach {"`r`nmodule name: $_"; "`r`n";gcm -Module $ -CommandType cmdlet, function | select name}...( read more )
  • Quick Thoughts

    "Quick" Tips for Gamemaker (Part One- The Basics)

    So, recently, I wrote about my experience hosting and teaching a game making workshop with high school students using Gamemaker . I also mentioned that, previous to the workshop, I only had about a week of experience using the tool. Gamemaker, for those...
  • Microsoft Gulf Technical Community

    AzureCon 2015 is here!

    Hello Gulf Technical Community, AzureCon 2015 is here and the great news is that we can all be a part of it. AzureCon is virtual event where you will get to be the first to see what's next in the world of Azure and attend it for free and virtually...
  • Eric Troup's Blog - CTO WW Communications and Media

    Software Defined Cloud - Platforms and Tenants

    Microsoft has contributed to the TM Forum Digital Ecosystem Reference Architecture (DERA) project some proven approaches to cloud architecture and management developed and battle tested during the evolution of Azure to a global, hyper-scale, software...
  • The blog of Rob Margel - Windows Help

    Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0 (aka IntelliPoint or IntelliType Pro) available to download

    “ Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC. Tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet your unique needs and work style. Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to make it easier to use the unique features of most...
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