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  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    MSDN feedback rocks.

    I've had great experiences with MSDN responding to feedback and improving the docs. At the bottom of each MSDN page is a little hyperlink that says "What did you think of this topic?" and then is a mailto link that makes it very easy to send feedback...
  • A CRM Riff

    Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap

    This is an interesting view of Visual Studio .Net looking at where we are now and where we want to go in the future. The Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap is just that. Like a good AAA roadmap, it will give you lots of option about which road to take...
  • A CRM Riff

    Video Tutorial: How to Use VSTO 2005 Help

    This demonstration shows you how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System Help. The demo is five minutes long and can be viewed at Demo 12--How to Use VSTO 2005 Help . Note that the file size is about 3.2 MB.
  • Jeromy Carriere's WebLog

    Must-see new stuff

    Wow … tons of great new stuff to take a look at: Web Services Enhancements 3.0 Tech Preview . The big deal with WSE 3.0 is an improved and simplified security approach, plus support for the Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM). Domain...
  • The Old New Thing

    Displaying the dictionary, part 3: Using an owner-data listview

    Owner-data listviews let you take over data management from the listview....
  • Typed XML in SQL Server 2005

    For more info on XQuery singleton issues

    My fellow SDET John Gallardo has written this follow up to the post I wrote yesterday about singleton errors. John digs a bit deeper, and addresses performance issues. He also goes over the use of the DOCUMENT property and its effects on static typing...
  • Brad Abrams

    Great Reflection Article posted to MSDN Mag site

    Joel Pobar (master of all things dynamic) wrote a great piece on reflection in this month’s MSDN Mag.. Reflection: Dodge Common Performance Pitfalls to Craft Speedy Applications He does a good job spelling out where to use (and not use reflection...
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    DevCon in Detroit

    Wow... this is one busy week for me. Tonight, I'll be in Dayton, Ohio ( )... doing a fun session with Matt Hester. Matt and I are going to host a Question and Answer session. We did one of these a couple weeks ago and it was great...
  • Rob Caron

    Is the June CTP for Me?

    With the release of a June CTP of Team System you may be wondering, “Is the June CTP for me?” Here are my thoughts on that. Yes If you just want to see what’s new since Beta 2. The June CTP represents 3.5 months of additional work since Beta...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    Mobile events over the summer

    Missed the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference? Didn’t get to see the sessions you wanted to see? Want to discuss the features and benefits in a more open environment? If any of these apply to you come along to one of the evening events planned for...
  • Roberdan

    NON MANCATE!!! Milano, Roma martedi 21 giugno ore 17.30 - Microsoft Real Time Collaboration

    Gentile Cliente, ho il piacere di invitarla ad un evento durante il quale scoprirà com’è facile portare il business in una nuova dimensione. Con Microsoft Real Time Collaboration , infatti, è possibile entrare nella quarta dimensione; quella...
  • Rob Caron

    Team System on the .NET Rocks Show

    At TechEd in Orlando last week, .NET Rocks! sat down with the Team System product managers (Eric Lee, Ajay Sudan, and Michael Leworthy) to discuss Team System. Team System - Live at Tech Ed! Carl and Richard come at you live from Tech Ed Orlando...
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