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  • 元 MVP リード 小板公一のブログ

    [翻訳] C# と .NET でクリスマスをライトアップしよう!

    (まだブログのネタがまとまっていないので^^;ご紹介がてら翻訳してみました。) The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog をご存じでしょうか? グローバルの MVP チームが今月から始めたブログで世界中の MVP を紹介する企画とのことです。 今回は Embedded MVP の Rob さんを紹介しています。
  • US ISV Evangelism

    New Video - Why Develop on Windows 7? - Touch and Multi Touch

    Video Link - Why Develop on Windows 7? - Touch and Multi Touch Windows 7 Touch allows developers to create new experiences that go beyond simple mouse pointing, clicking, and dragging. The new multi touch APIs support rich gestures, such as pan, zoom...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    Great New HowTo Videos on Windows Azure

    There are some great new “How Do I” videos on Windows Azure and Live Services. They are free, task-oriented, and “bite-sized” to get you up to speed quickly Love that they are a great way to see the Azure Services Platform in action without the CTP Here...
  • NZ GovTech - Microsoft New Zealand Government Affairs Blog

    Enhancing privacy choices on the Internet


    As we browse the internet, we read, search, and click. This online behaviour has commercial value, so it is observed, recorded and linked across multiple websites to build behavioural profiles. There are usually no obvious visible signs of this tracking on the websites we visit, although the advertising, maps and other content we see on websites is often provided by organisations other than the website operator and what we see may be based on a behavioural profile. Many people find it useful that websites are automatically tailored to them, but others may prefer not to have their activities on the web tracked in this way.

    One study found a commonly used website that has more than 200 tracking technologies from other organisations being used to track behaviour on that site. If you'd like to have a look for yourself at some of the tracking that is going on behind the scenes, load a favourite website and then have look at the "Webpage privacy policy" section in your web browser (under the View menu in Internet Explorer). Depending on the site you loaded, you may well see a number of elements have been loaded in the background from other websites.

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  • 青い空の向こうへ

    Windows Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java v2.0 公開

    Windows Azure SDK for .NET 2.0 に合わせて、Windows Azure 用の Java アプリケーション開発を支援する Windows Azure Toolkit for Eclipse with Java の2013 年5月版プレビュー(v2.0) が公開されました。 ローカルのJDKを Windows Azure ストレージに自動でアップロードしてデプロイを行う機能や、ストレージアカウントのアクセスキーの一元管理、アプリケーション発行時のリモート接続設定といった機能が強化されています...
  • Suresh's Weblog

    Installing Windows 7 or moving to a new computer

    There are times when you either upgrade to a newer operating system, install the OS freshly or move on to a newly upgraded machine and you always have to think how you will go about moving all your profile settings to your new system. Recently I did my...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    New Video - Selling more and faster with Dynamics CRM and BIGMACHINES

    Video Link - Selling more and faster with Dynamics CRM and BIGMACHINES Tim Handorf from BIGMACHINES and Mike Snyder from Sonoma Partners talked with me about their work integrating BIGMACHINES into Dynamics CRM 4.0 to enable easier and faster selling...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    UC at the PDC

    This year's Professional Developers Conference has a few sessions on Unified Communications. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Office Communications Server 2007 platform and what is coming in future releases. A couple of sessions to watch...
  • AlwaysOn Professional

    Replication Agents fail to connect to listener in a multisite cluster

    A listener (network name) for a multisite cluster will be dependent on more than 1 ip address.  When connecting to a listener for a multisite cluster, it is recommended to add the parameter multisubnetfailover to the connection string for the application...
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Cliplets - Microsoft Research

    Una fotografía a veces nos parece muy limitado para capturar un momento en el tiempo, el video es el método tradicional para grabar memorias durante un transcurso de tiempo. Sin embargo hay "momentos" subjetivos que en ocaciones se desean...
  • bob's blog

    ARCast.TV - Matt Hessinger on How Business Drives Architecture

    ARCast.TV - Matt Hessinger on How Business drives Architecture Enterprise Architects, Solutions Architects, Infrastructure Architects, and Business Analysts all work hand-in-hand to deliver value to the enterprise. In this interview, Joe Shirey talks...
  • Education

    Windows Azure–training for education developers in Brisbane

    If you're a developer, and you're wondering how to start using cloud services to help build a more scalable, or more easily deployable application, then make a date for 10th December in Brisbane. Our developer evangelists are running a free three day...
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