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  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Neighbourhood super-hero LINQ comes to the rescue

    I was just reading Mike Stall's blog Fun with yield, generics, foreach . He discusses using enumeration with yield and generics. The example he uses is a heterogenous array object[] list = new object[] {1,2, "abc", 5f, "def" } ; and he needs to print...
  • Don Smith

    [Web] Service Versioning Guidance

    Oh man, I have waited years to be able to post this blog entry. I am finally in a position to release real pragmatic guidance on how to version your services based on your particular scenario. Just last week we kicked off a project that is part of a much...
  • Adrian Mascarenhas' blog


    My name is Adrian Mascarenhas. I have been with Microsoft for nearly 3.5 years. I currently work as an SDET (Software Design Engineer/Test) for one of the coolest teams in Microsoft, Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer . Before joining Microsoft...
  • Visual Studio Tools for Applications

    VSLive: Soma announces the first public release of VSTA CTP, this Friday Feb 3

    Yesterday at the VSLive keynote address Soma announced that Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) would be released for the first time publicly. The Visual Studio SDK CTP includes the VSTA CTP. This will be available this Friday, February 3 rd ...
  • HealthBlog

    Data Input: The final frontier in clinical computing

    I used to say that mobility, or rather the lack of mobility, was a leading factor that has limited the widespread adoption of electronic medical records by physicians. Indeed, until just a few years ago we really hadn't cracked the code on ubiquitous...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Collaborative development, pair programming, etc.

    There have been some interesting discussion on our internal "agile" alias around pair programming, with some advocates and some skeptics. I wrote something in response to one of the skeptical posters, who (to paraphrase badly and perhaps miss his point...
  • GerardoDada

    Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is out!

    • 0 Comments This is it - I am sure FireFox lit a fire under a couple executives here in Redmond (probably in the same building I work). Yes there has been a looong time since the last significant update to IE. But Microsoft...
  • GerardoDada


    Gartner said " A new set of critical vulnerabilities shows that Oracle can no longer be considered a bastion of security ." in one of their Gartner Advisory publications I got the link from the eWeek artilce published a few days after Oracle announced...
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog

    Amerikanische Unternehmen leiden unter Vertrauensabschlag - Microsoft wird am meisten vertraut

    Im Gegensatz zu amerikanischen Unternehmen haben deutsche Unternehmen im Ausland einen ausgesprochen guten Ruf. Allerdings ist Deutschland selbst das Land, in dem das grösste Mißtrauen herrscht - gegenüber der eigenen Regierung, gegenüber Unternehmen...
  • Ben Armstrong

    POST'ing in a virtual machine

    A long, long time ago - Virtual PC was originally developed on the Macintosh. For this market the team at Connectix did a lot of work to reduce the time for the virtual machine to 'POST' (this stands for Power On Self Test - and is the black and whit...
  • David Wang

    Blog Upgrade

    Some readers may have noticed that subtly changed this past weekend... ok, for those that did not realize it... yes, it did change this weekend. :-) As with any upgrade, there are things that I like about it... and things that I do not...
  • Thomas Dreller's Blog


    So ist das mit den "new user experiences" - man hat nur die besten Absichten, und liegt voll daneben. Um was geht's? Man hat das UI des Admin-Teils dieses Community Servers geändert. Sieht zugegebenermaßen schöner aus - allerdings finde ich mich nicht...
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