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  • Windows CE Base Team Blog

    CeLog + Monte Carlo = Perfalyzer

    Posted by: Sue Loh The History If you read our blog regularly then you already know that CeLog is a data logging tool, which provides a lot of interesting system data because we've made the kernel log CeLog events for occurrences like thread switches...
  • Mike Poulson's Thoughts on lots of stuff

    Watching Divx and WMA Pro 5.1 movies on your v1 Media Center Extender

    So the only problem I have with my V1 media Center Extender is that my movies (DVDs that I have converted to WMV and use the WMA Pro Codec that does 5.1) will not play. Nor will the ones I have converted to Divx (before I got my MCX). The work around...
  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    새 1월 VB LINQ CTP

    • 0 Comments 여기 서 직접 다운로드 받거나, 여기 나 여기 서 소식을 보고 다운로드~ 추가된 사항은: LINQ Intellisense, DLINQ 지원 강화, XML 리터럴 지원 그리고 XML Late Binding(이 부분은 데모를 보면 엄청나게 편한 기능을 보실 수 있죠^^).
  • Somasegar's blog

    CTP: Data and Language coming together in VB

    Since delivering Visual Basic 8.0 in VS 2005, the VB team has been working on the next generation language extensions and enhancements – Visual Basic 9.0. VB 9.0 offers language extensions to support data-intensive programming in a unified way i.e. creating...
  • One Louder

    More on my Alaska Airlines Situation

    I've spoken with several people from Alaska Airlines. What I've learned, the person on the front lines (the main reservation number) can generally get you in touch with the right person...eventually. So I had to make a call to "customer care" and "central...
  • The Feedback Loop

    Upcoming Connect Feedback Improvements

    Microsoft Connect ( ) has supported bug reporting and feedback since its launch. However, as those of you who have used Connect to any degree know, there have been some issues with it. Firstly, users often receive spurious...
  • Richard Seroter - SoCal BizTalk Musings

    Analyst View On Microsoft Business Rules Engine

    I'm a big fan of the Microsoft Business Rules Engine, and now we see that Forrester Research thinks our Rules Engine is something to keep an eye on. The Forrester Wave: Business Rules Platforms, Q1 2006 report identifies Microsoft as a both a "strong...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    On the Back-Compat rumors circulating

    There are smart and savvy gamers out there. Folks who know exactly what to do with a statement that starts with something like “I have a friend who works with a guy who knows a girl on the Xbox team responsible for backwards compatibility and I heard...
  • Ryan Storgaard's Blog

    Awesome offer for CDN ISV's building on SQL 2005

    Canadian ISV's, have we got a deal for you! I'm excited to tell you about a very cool offer that's open to Canadian ISV's who are adopting SQL 2005. The first offer is 10 free technical support hours to help aid in the development of your SQL 2005 based...
  • Rob Caron

    Debating Dogfood Doctrine

    In an opinion piece on eWeek today ( Dog Food Doctrine Deserves Debate ), Peter Coffee raises a concern that our (Microsoft’s) dogfooding of Team System may be of little value if your process doesn't match ours. I wonder, though, if Visual Studio Team...
  • Jerry Orman

    Properties from Base Page Class missing in VS2005

    There was a design change to the web sites in Visual Studio 2005 in which properties for custom base page classes are not parsed at design time. The result of this change is that the properties are not displayed in the Properties pane and you cannot debug...
  • TipTalk: from Microsoft At Home & At Work

    Starting Over with System Restore

    Recently I was trying to set up my new cell phone to work with my home computer. I had some installation problems and was having a hard time trying to un-do some changes that were made to my system. (This had to do with drivers that were installed to...
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