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  • Knowledgecast

    Are you an aspiring architect?

    There's a bunch of interesting webcasts coming up for aspiring architects. This series of webcasts is done with the intention of cutting the hype and giving people the straight dope on cutting edge stuff such as SOA and Web 2.0. I would particularily...
  • SQL Server , The BI Release

    Otro Evento Virtual de SQL 2008 (Heroes Happen Here)

    Si no pudiste estar en el Evento del 24 de Enero, te recomiendo te registres en el que viene, el 19 de Marzo ( ), desde Birmingham , UK ... Enjoy it
  • Beth Massi的中文博客

    LightSwitch 社区和内容汇总–2013年2月

    [原文发表地址] LightSwitch Community & Content Rollup–February 2013 [原文发表时间]2013-03-01 2:46 PM 我从去年开始发表一些汇总博文,是围绕 Visual Studio LightSwitch 发生的有趣社区事件,内容,示例和扩展。如果你错过了这些汇总,你可以从这里获得它们: LightSwitch 社区 &内容汇总 。 这个月我们LightSwitch社区举行了很多活动,对我们团队来说特别有趣的是在MVP峰会上遇到了微软社区的顶尖专家...
  • Ken Jones - The Bald Architect

    Innovation Showcase Headlines – 3.22.2010

    This week’s Innovation Showcase Headlines features the IHI ARCast Episode on their use of Silverlight, the Innovation Showcase IE8 WebSlice and the Huffington Post IE8 WebSlice plus lots of Windows Phone information for developers. Expectations Beyond...
  • Shake to Develop

    Nice posting on VSTS 2005/2008 compatibility

    Kudos to Grant Holliday's blog for this fantastic post containing a VSTS 2005/2008 Compatibility Matrix.
  • Shake to Develop

    Process Guidance Center on MSDN

    I know that a lot of the regular readers of this blog are extremely interested in TFS process guidance templates.  You want to know where to get new ones.  You want to customize them.  You want to know how to create custom WITs, reports...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    Shiny Shiny likes the Zen Vision W

    It is good to see that people are getting excited about portable players based on PlaysForSure. This Shiny Shiny article calls for wanting 11 Zen Vision Ws! From the Article: If there's one gadget I don't like, it's the iPod. As far as I'm concerned...
  • Inside Paras' Head

    Want to win a $1000?

    Who wants to win a $1000 just for building a Windows Phone or Windows 8 app? I hear a lot of voices saying "I do!" Well, you've come to the right place. Now you can enter to win one of 3 prizes each month $1000, $500 and $250 from Feb-1 to Jun-30, 2013...
  • notes and rants

    Metrics at STAR Conference

    I think I forgot to mention that I'll be speaking at STAR this spring. You'd think I'd be pimping hwtsam , but instead I'm speaking about something barely mentioned in the book at all - metrics . Software metrics are an old passion of mine - something...
  • Miguel Saez

    Nuevo encuentro Alt.NET en Baires

    El próximo 16 de Julio se realizará en las oficinas de Microsoft Argentina un nuevo encuentro de la comunidad Alt.NET Argentina . Se trata de un evento gratuito, pero para asistir es necesario registrarse :
  • デバイスとITの架け橋

    シリーズもののWindows ストアアプリを開発する

    ようやく、青空文庫の岡本綺堂 半七捕物帖 69巻を全部ストアアプリ化終了しました。 結果、現在、Windows ストアの検索で、”岡本綺堂”、”半七捕物帖”とやると、 …いやぁ、壮観ですね。せっかく作って公開したので、皆さん是非インストールして読んでほしいなぁと。 このシリーズのほかに、数はまだ3つですが、歴オタシリーズなども作ってます。これ、まだ続けるから乞うご期待(次は素戔嗚編) …だけで終わると...
  • Microsoft Saudi Community Blog

    Videos: Windows Phone 8 Developer Workshop

    Windows Phone 8 offers a lot of new capabilities for developers to create even better, more immersive user experiences on the Windows Phone. This course will give you hands-on experience with important developer features in Windows Phone 8. Take advantage...
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