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  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    제품 개발은 참 어려운 것...

    • 2 Comments 이렇게 생각하면 어떨까요. Microsoft는 엄청나게 많은 피드백을 고객들로부터 받습니다. 그 받은 피드백을 기반으로 제품을 만들게 되는데요(왜냐하면, 결국 그 고객이 사용하기 때문에), 어떤 한 항목에 대한 피드백의 스펙트럼은 빨강에서부터 정반대인 보라까지 있습니다. 절대 빨강도 만족하고 보라도 만족할 수 있는 제품은 이세상에 존재할 수 없습니다. 빨강이 다수라면 빨간색을...
  • Moj mali spletni dnevnik

    Urejevalnik bcdedit.exe

    Shramba BCD (Boot Configuration Data) vsebuje zagonske parametre in nadzira zagon sistemov Windows Vista in Windows Server kodno imenovenega "Longhorn". Pred tem so se te nastavitve nahajale v datoteki Boot.ini . Sprememba vpliva na naičin urejanja...
  • D/1195

    Stentor, Server Concepts and Rackspace

    In this short video, customers Stentor, Server Concepts, and Rackspace explain how the Services Provider License Agreement helped their businesses. SPLA Video (110 k) (3 MB) SPLA Video (300 k) (8 MB)
  • AppDev: Something You Should Know by Irena Kennedy

    SYSK 45: Is RSS Just a Fad?

    Ok, so we all know by now that RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a great way to push the web content to your personalized portal. Some of you might even be reading this posting via an RSS feed. If you’re not using RSS yet, you might want to check out the...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Configurando o Boot no Vista

    Os dados de configuração do boot ( Boot Configuration Data -BCD ) contém parâmetros que controlam como o sistema operacional é inicializado no Microsoft Windows Vista e no Microsoft Windows Server "Longhorn". Este parâmetros estavam previamente no arquivo...
  • Khushboo's blog

    Change your Outlook and get a new Office today!

    I finally installed office 12 on my desktop a couple of days back and loved it so much that I now have it in all my desktops and my laptop J . Not that I have deep dived into it ..but the very look and feel made me feel like … “wow – I would love to...
  • East Region Microsoft CRM Blog

    Weather and Mapping in Microsoft CRM Service Scheduling

    This is way cool from the CRM SandBox. Click here to download it. (look on the bottom right under Downloads) This article is merely an introduction to the possibilities for integrating location-based services into Microsoft CRM. The broader feature...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    INDA Limerick first meeting: Introduction to .NET and Visual Studio 2005

    A developer named Rob, coding quick, Spoke of Dot Net, some Web Dev, and One Click* To a packed house last night He expressed his delight About the new user group down in Lim'rick! And here is the PowerPoint deck from that presentation: An Introduction...
  • OfficeRocker!

    Raikes talks about Office Live

    Jeff talking to CNet about Office Live . I'm really excited about OfficeLive, particularly for small biz where it really is an amazing deal. You get a lot for FREE or an ad-free version for a modest subscription. Some key points that people have asked...
  • Gaurav Seth's WebLog

    Query about ClassLoaders in J#

    Recently one of our customer asked us Q> I’m trying to compile some pure java code using VJ# (VS2005). Mostly it compiles fine, but there are problems with ClassLoaders. In particular, the original code calls getSystemClassLoader(), which doesn’t seem...
  • Antimail

    Using NTBackup to achieve P2V

    I always thought about writing a post about physical-to-virtual migration strategies in combination with VSS, but I never got to it. So it's not surprising that others started to uncover this trail :-) One particular technique in this area is described...
  • Tess blog

    Request for feedback

    Not sure if anyone is reading this blog, but if you are and there is something specific you want me to blog about please let me know. On my TODO list right now i have Debugging managed memory leaks Automating debugging with .shell and .foreach...
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