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  • AllenD's WebLog

    PDC Day 0 - Precon

    Hello. I'm sitting in 501ABC for the PDC05 Preconference Session on Visual Studio Extensibility. If you are coming to the PDC, please drop by and say hello! I, along with Phil Taylor, Doug Hodges, Craig Skibo, am presenting information today. We...
  • hughpyle

    Groove at PDC2005

    If you're at PDC, here's where you can find the Groove team. Besides my presentation (Tuesday 2:45pm, room 406AB): we'll be hanging out in the Track Lounge and the Hands-On Lab. We is: senior architect Paresh Suthar ; education program manager Bob...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    PDC - Pre-Session

    Well, I made it to PDC this morning. I was going back and forth between choosing the .Net v2 and the VSTO 2005 pre-session, and ended up in the VSTO 2005 session. First time that I'm seeing much of this since I've been so wrapped up in BizTalk for the...
  • Windows Small Business Server Documentation

    The Windows SBS SP1 Release Notes have been updated!

    The release notes for SBS SP1 have been updated to incorporate information about the following issues: SP1 for Windows SBS 2003 cannot be applied to evaluation versions of Windows SBS 2003 After you have installed Windows SBS SP1 and you try...
  • Rob's Speech Stuff

    Check out this new blog on Speech

    Philipp Schmid has been working on speech APIs @ Microsoft for years now. A lot of what I talk about on my blog was written by Philipp or somebody on his team. Check out his new blog:
  • Paul Stubbs

    How To: Dynamic CSS Action Panes in Office

    In my last post How to Create HTML Action Panes for Word and Excel using VSTO 2005 I showed a simple but powerful technique to use HTML pages in the Word or Excel Task Pane. In this post I will show you how to extend this to use dynamic Cascading Style...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Breaking Up (shared services) Is(n't) Hard To Do

    The last time I wrote, I talked about shared services . One of the problems of working with shared services is that sometimes one service in the process gets in the way of other services. For the audio service, it lives in the "networking services"...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    Animation and Text in System tray using C#

    Application running from the system tray is very common these days. Mostly these applications show an icon in the system tray (beside the clock) and almost always have a pop-up context menu. Adding additional features like showing text in the tray...
  • C# Tea Time

    Visual Studio 2005 RC Released!

    The title says it all! Visual Studio 2005 RC was dropped on MSDN today and will also be handed out to all of the PDC ’05 attendees! Hope you enjoy it!
  • Gooey Bugs

    Wow... it's been over a year since I last blogged.

    I'd like to think I was mildly missed! But if not, c'est la vie. In case anybody wonders, I want to just mention that the past year has been a year of radical upheaval and ultimate change for me which is basically why my blogging activities suddenly stopped...
  • Antimail

    GetVolumeInformationW warnings in VSS - what do they mean?

    I mentioned a while back a weird-looking event log entry: Event Type: Warning Event Source: VSS Event Category: None Event ID: 12290 Date: 8/30/2004 Time: 12:37:19 PM User: N/A Computer: SomeMachineName Description: Volume Shadow Copy Service warning...
  • graceworld

    Channel 9 video on Team Foundation Source Control

    Join Doug Neuman and myself in this video we shot a few weeks ago chatting about source control in Team Foundation: MSNBC - here I come! (yeah I wish! :-))
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