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  • Mike Poulson's Thoughts on lots of stuff

    Smartphone dialing 911 even when Locked?

    Modify the regkey HKLM\Security\ECall with your fav reg editor. It is a multi-Value string with the default values of 911, 112, 08, and 999. Just remove the ones you do not want to be called. If you are getting an error ( like Error: unable to perform...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    Web Services Exceptions

    One of the questions that we sometimes get involves the best way to pass error information from a web service back to the client. The MSDN article, Handling and Throwing Exceptions in XML Web Services , documents the various options. One good approach...
  • Such-A-Point

    El CTP de Sparkle acaba de salir

    Por fin! Una herramienta que va a permiter a los diseñadores de (macromedia) Flash diseñar aplicaciones en Avalon (aka Windows Presentation Foundation ). Combinar en una misma interfaz de usuario componentes 3D, vectoriales y raster sin escribir una sola...
  • jfo's coding

    How do I get keyboard access to my ToolStripButton?

    I've gotten this question a couple times so I thought I'd share. If you want to allow keyboard access to your ToolStripButton, there are several options for doing so. Option A Classically, a toolbar button should be a duplicate of whats on your menu...
  • TipTalk: from Microsoft At Home & At Work

    Got video? Make a polished film in 5 steps

    Did you know you can make movies with Windows XP using a free Movie Maker download ? Movie Maker is a tool that works with Windows XP (SP2) to help you capture and edit film from your video camera. When I made my first Movie Maker film, it took...
  • Leading Trump - Pradeep U.N. & his Blog about Nothing.

    Eve's Powerpoint summary of the women's conference.

    To say that we are PowerPoint Monkeys (PPM) here at Microsoft Worldwide Enterprise Services & Support would be an understatement. To one of my pleas to the recruiting committee on news and articles they want to share with the rest of the world - This...
  • Michael Rich

    XBox Leaderboard

    Here's the latest leaderboard for the XBox Competition: Interlink: 21 Allin Consulting: 16 Altara: 10 Remember, there are 2 events in the Bay Area - if you can't get prospects into the city, we also have an event in...
  • Test Guide

    Testing For Developers

    When we testers find yet another "Did you even run this?" bug, it's easy to believe developers purposely inject bugs just to taunt us. I have worked with a lot of developers over the years, and I've found that they generally do try to test their code...
  • Data Access blog

    Impersonation inside SQLCLR Stored Procedure [Jian Zeng]

    In SQL Server 2005, we now have the ability to write managed (or CLR) code inside a Stored Procedure. This implies that you now have the capability to connect to a remote or the local SQL Server with ADO.NET via the System.Data assembly. When doing so...
  • Ian Moulster's blog

    Are you a developer with a security story?

    A slight aside from the normal topics... We're looking for developers who have an experience with security that they would like to share with the world. What do we mean by "experience"? Some examples: Your code has been attacked by malware...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Obtain Initial Property Values in a Logger

    We got a question on our MSBuild Feedback alias today that went something like this: How do I obtain all the initial property values in the project file in my custom logger? It's not immediately obvious from our object model, but you can do this...
  • Visio

    プチ Visio Conference をやります

    先日の Visio Conference は無事終了しました。世界中から Visio にフォーカスしたエンジニアが集まり、ソリューション発表会や開発者向けのセミナーで非常に濃い話ができました。自由に使えるハンズオンラボがあり、そこでサンプル コードについてディスカッションできたことが個人的にはとても有意義に感じました。こういう機会をもっと増やしたいですね。 さて急な話で申し訳ないのですが、来週横浜で開催される Microsoft Developer's Conference で Visio...
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