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  • Tim Mallalieu's Blog.

    Thoughts on data in a world of services and process...

    So, What does the data story look like in a service oriented world? This is something I have been worrying about for some time. In fact, I would go as far as to say it keeps me up at night. The reason I moved from the MBF team to the Data Programmability...
  • The Old New Thing

    Semaphores don't have owners

    Semaphores merely have counts....
  • Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog

    Thanksgiving on a Wednesday

    Thursday and Friday are Microsoft holidays, so the next new post will be on Monday. In the meantime, here's a "holiday" treat for you. Thanksgiving in the United States is a holiday that always occurs on Thursday. However, one year Microsoft...
  • Jerome Carron's Weblog

    More follow up Questions from day 5 - Vancouver

    Atlas seems to be a common theme throughout the 5 cities so far, either in the Ask the Experts Cabana or during the end of day Q&A. One of the best sources of information on Atlas can be found on Scott Guthrie's blog . In addition have a look at ASP...
  • Rob Caron

    Channel 9: Eric Lee and the Team Foundation Team

    Eric Lee and members of the Team Foundation team are on Channel 9 talking about Team Foundation Server: Eric Lee, Product Manager on Team Foundation Server, and team invited us over to talk about VSTS's new team features. We talk about source code...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Visual Studio Add-ins

    For all you Chaps using Visual Studio 2005 this is a great list of add-ins that will really help your productivity. I especially like the one that auto generates useful comments!
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Keeping Track of Time

    Keep track of all the different projects, lectures and parties that are going on at one time can be a real mission. Follow Adrian Kulp in another coding4fun article on creating a time management application.
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    360 Blasts Off

    Look like Microsoft’s X-box 360 has got off to a great start with people queuing through the night to get their hands on the latest console. Can’t wait till mine turns up, though I seem to be the only person playing King Kong in the office! Check out...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Quiz Rare on 360

    Using our super powers of persuasion and charm we have managed to bag an interview with one of the lads from Rare, creators of the Perfect Dark Series. Best of all, we want your questions! Send them to and check out the Student Newsletter...
  • Public Sector Developer Weblog

    They fed him hemlock…

    A grade student was asked to write a short report on Socrates: “Socrates was a philosopher. He went around telling everyone what they did wrong. They fed him hemlock.” Vincent Maraia, from The Build Master, ISBN 0-321-33205-9 “If you want to know when...
  • I know the answer (it's 42)

    C#: PG required, obscene case fall through code and Duff device

    I had said before that I miss case fall through in C# and I promised that I'd write about some weird uses of this feature in C++. I think the weirdest use of case statement was made by Tom Duff. He needed to write some code in C that copied an array...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    My first 64bit machine

    I built my first 64 bit machine this week with an ABIT KU8 motherboard and AMD Semperon 2800 chip. As usual it all started with a member of my 'extended' family mailed me saying he had bought some new bits to build a machine and couldn’t get it working...
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