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  • Test Guide

    Testing For Developers

    When we testers find yet another "Did you even run this?" bug, it's easy to believe developers purposely inject bugs just to taunt us. I have worked with a lot of developers over the years, and I've found that they generally do try to test their code...
  • Data Access blog

    Impersonation inside SQLCLR Stored Procedure [Jian Zeng]

    In SQL Server 2005, we now have the ability to write managed (or CLR) code inside a Stored Procedure. This implies that you now have the capability to connect to a remote or the local SQL Server with ADO.NET via the System.Data assembly. When doing so...
  • Ian Moulster's blog

    Are you a developer with a security story?

    A slight aside from the normal topics... We're looking for developers who have an experience with security that they would like to share with the world. What do we mean by "experience"? Some examples: Your code has been attacked by malware...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Obtain Initial Property Values in a Logger

    We got a question on our MSBuild Feedback alias today that went something like this: How do I obtain all the initial property values in the project file in my custom logger? It's not immediately obvious from our object model, but you can do this...
  • Visio

    プチ Visio Conference をやります

    先日の Visio Conference は無事終了しました。世界中から Visio にフォーカスしたエンジニアが集まり、ソリューション発表会や開発者向けのセミナーで非常に濃い話ができました。自由に使えるハンズオンラボがあり、そこでサンプル コードについてディスカッションできたことが個人的にはとても有意義に感じました。こういう機会をもっと増やしたいですね。 さて急な話で申し訳ないのですが、来週横浜で開催される Microsoft Developer's Conference で Visio...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    SSE Update and Tutorial

    SSE Update I’d like to thank the community for providing valuable feedback on the SSE spec through the FEED-TECH mailing list. We’re learning a lot from you, and appreciate your questions, comments, suggestions. Based on the feedback we’ve received...
  • Mike Poulson's Thoughts on lots of stuff

    Keep those old Compaq DL 360G1 Power Supplies

    My team has a bunch of old DL360 G1 server that we are planning on getting rid of. They have all had their defective power supplies replaced with the new "Orange Label" Lite-on model PS-6191-1 Power supplies. We were going to just send these servers to...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    The Naked Party... Pictures Abound

    A-list bloggers are fast. On Saturday I attended Robert Scoble's "Naked Conversations" book launch party . I knew it would be a great crowd and it was. I also got my own copy of the book with author signatures. But the impressive part was that by Sunday...
  • Dave Massy's Blog

    Reviewing IE SDK Documentation

    One of my current tasks is sifting through the IE documentation on MSDN with the SDK documentation team. There's a lot of it and some articles date back to 1997 or even earlier! Some of those articles are good and need a minimal refresh, some need a complete...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Microsoft Designer Tools now available as a CTP

    Microsoft WinFX technology is going to provide a framework on which to build the next generation of Windows applications with exciting, revolutionary user interfaces that will elevate user experience (UX) to the next level. One key to that is enabling...
  • jpelak's blog

    Dude, you're getting a desktop...

    About a week ago, I was all excited to get started on a series of WinFx posts centered around a demo app I'm building. My manager had generously approved my order for a new high-powered 64-bit laptop and I had been eagerly polling our internal ERP portal...
  • All About Interop

    TechEd Europe changes

    TechEd Europe has been moved and reformatted. Instead of having a single event addressing both Developers and IT Pros, we'll have two separate technical events moving forward: Tech Ed: Developers (week November 6th, CCIB Barcelona, Spain) Tech...
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