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  • OfficeRocker!

    Raikes talks about Office Live

    Jeff talking to CNet about Office Live . I'm really excited about OfficeLive, particularly for small biz where it really is an amazing deal. You get a lot for FREE or an ad-free version for a modest subscription. Some key points that people have asked...
  • Gaurav Seth's WebLog

    Query about ClassLoaders in J#

    Recently one of our customer asked us Q> I’m trying to compile some pure java code using VJ# (VS2005). Mostly it compiles fine, but there are problems with ClassLoaders. In particular, the original code calls getSystemClassLoader(), which doesn’t seem...
  • Antimail

    Using NTBackup to achieve P2V

    I always thought about writing a post about physical-to-virtual migration strategies in combination with VSS, but I never got to it. So it's not surprising that others started to uncover this trail :-) One particular technique in this area is described...
  • Tess blog

    Request for feedback

    Not sure if anyone is reading this blog, but if you are and there is something specific you want me to blog about please let me know. On my TODO list right now i have Debugging managed memory leaks Automating debugging with .shell and .foreach...
  • Cloudy in Seattle

    What part of Cider do I work on?

    I am the PM for Cider Extensibility. So, what is the Cider Extensibility story? Since Orcas will be our v1, the main focus for extensibility in that timeframe is enabling 3rd party control developers to control and customize the design time experience...
  • o-LIVE-r

    Sie sind da!!! Ready to rock the launch!!!

    Am 8., 9. und nun auch 10. Februar wird Karlsruhe gerockt. Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 und BizTalk Server 2006 werden in Deutschland gelauncht. Die Nachfrage nach diesem Event hat uns selbst so überrascht, das wir in allerkürzester Zeit...
  • OfficeRocker!

    WordPerfect announce support for OpenXML

    According to Clive Akass (who I demo'd O12 to earlier in the week) in his recent post "New Wordperfect will support Office 12 formats" Corel have announced that they, like us, will be supporting PDF and our new file format for O12, OpenXML. Even more...
  • Visual Studio news

    Visual Studio Express est dispo en français !!!

    c'est fait, c'est dispo. Vous pouvez retrouver Visual Basic Express 2005 et Visual Web Developer Express 2005 EN FRANCAIS. voici les liens EXE bootstrappers - pour que l'installation se lance automatiquement depuis le Web Pour Visual Basic 2005...
  • Antimail

    Storage grid in the sky - a new concept?

    So, what if you take the principles behind BitTorrent (share more bandwidth to get more data) and put them as a way to store your own, personal data? You get something interesting. Allmydata attempts to do just that - building a storage grid that can...
  • David Wang

    To TiVo or not to TiVo. That is the Question.

    A little over two years ago, I purchased a condo out in suburban Seattle (in Issaquah on Cougar Mountain with a view of Lake Sammamish, for the curious and geographically inclined), and one of my first purchases was a modern TV and a matching TiVo. Yes...
  • Quan To's Visual Studio Extensibility blog

    Installation of VS fails on CA_SetPidProps

    This was an interesting one. I saw two instances of this during VS Beta 2. It was rare enough that debugging it was nearly impossible. Unfortunately, the dev on the MS security team that was helping me debug this was pulled back to working on Vista and...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Feedreader features wishlist

    If you: design, develop, test, architect, product manage, product plan or market: products or services that could be even loosely described as: feedreaders, RSS readers or aggregators and 'my' type services, then I recommend you read John Tropea's latest...
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