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  • Bug Babble

    Full Impact Dance Nostalgia

    Shai is an artist in crunch mode, so I was a lone bachelor at the Dance Underground last night. Lindy Hop is my Performance-Art-Sport relaxation. Simple basics with a tentative newcomer, or stanzas of movement with a confident pro, are a joy after a long...
  • when setup isn't just xcopy

    Internal blogs at Microsoft.

    Imagine a blog entry where I talk about the Microsoft internal blog server....
  • Night Cloud Labs

    Starting again

    Hi, Let's try to write about what I read, see or think. First, I work at IW MCS Team at Spain, so I'll write about Office development and RS, although I love many other stuff. I was searching time ago apps/tools in order to manage Word documents...
  • Musings on software development

    Running tests in Team Build - 1

    Why would I want to run tests as part of build process? During the building of any given product, you may want to run tests after each build in order to scout the basic quality of the new build. Or maybe developers writing different parts of the product...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Markets *really* are conversations

    Since the publication of the Cluetrain Manifesto , the phrase 'markets are conversations' has been cited widely. In the last two weeks I've been reminded on three separate occasions about how these market conversations are happening, quite literally...
  • Kari Martin's .NET Blogette

    What is Microsoft’s Smart Client Strategy?

    My inaugural ISV Connect broadcast covered Microsoft Smart Client Strategy and features an expert interview with long time Microsoftie, Scott Garvey, Microsoft Regional Technology Director. Scott boils Smart Client dos and don’ts down to give you a clear...
  • Brad Abrams

    Mobilized Software has a good review of the Framework Design Guidelines

    Mobilized Software has a good review of the Framework Design Guidelines ... Check it out… A couple of quotes I found interesting… Turns out that perhaps the use of the word "Framework" in the title was a bit too grand. […] Anyone who creates...
  • Just Coding

    Scrum for MSProject 2003

    Honeslty, MSProject it's not my favorite tool to track software development projects (or at least the kind of projects where I use to work). I agree Mr Spolsky about his opinion of the product, and I prefer Excel, and Shared lists to track project...
  • Musings on software development

    I am back!

    Hi! After a looooong break, I am back again. So what kept me so long.....first, we had to ship beta 3 of VSTS in September. That meant the entire test team was heads down in a 4 week full test pass to ensure we run our entire colossal set of tests against...
  • Inside Architecture

    For those of you who think that services solve everything...

    A few days back, I blogged on "how to design a service." It has become increasingly clear that I answered the second question first. The first question is "why in the world would I want to create a service?" Isn't it going to slow down the code? SOAP...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    His data, his interfaces.

    John Dowell (of Macromedia) has a nice little rant for the weekend: "It's my data -- I want my record under my physical control as much as possible. I don't want to spend more time decrypting your interface than I do in determining what I want....
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Blogging from Katrina Ground Zero: Waveland, MS – Day 2

    (written at 10pm CST on Friday 10/14/2005) Today was a much better day for me emotionally.  I was able to deal with the scenery a lot more and get more action items crossed off.  We started off going to St. Clare with our first round of donations...
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