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  • search.subscribe.share in outlook 2007

    Technorati is so cool...

    I think one of the coolest parts about having a blog is being able to see who communicates about it around the web, and Technorati is awesome for that. I regularly click on the "who blogs about me" link (
  • TabBlogger

    Thumbing through my CODE Focus magazine

    First thing, of course, is to look for the photo of the team (page 10). I'm the one in the bright orange Tablet shirt. Lora mentioned this particular photo on her blog . Quite a few good articles in the magazine, but it's too bad that there's not much...
  • craigrow

    The value of ASI

    I heard many times from people who are seeing the WDK for the first time, "I don't understand the value of ASI." It is obvious we need to have a document that explains that clearly. The article below will be published in the next edition of our TAP newsletter...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Hey, gamers: we're getting another manufacturing partner

    For those of you lucky enough to have your Xbox 360s, move along, nothing to see here. If you're waiting on yours, good news for you: we've brought another manufacturing partner onboard, Celestica , as Peter Moore outlined in the CES keynote. They should...
  • Neal's Blog

    C#, Java, and CS Education

    I read an interesting article the other day about how CS is taught in school now. The article basically argues that you can’t learn real computer science skills in Java. Without debating his attitude towards the Java language itself (and...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    Back from Holiday

    Ah, so much better without the post-launch, pre-holiday frenzy. Nothing exciting to report on my end, other'n getting some time in on Kameo and hanging out with the kids. I'm jumping back into things with a full inbox, and with CES news hitting the wire...
  • Gamerscore Blog

    FS Planet Shows Off Flight Sim X

    Last night, Bill Gates did a demo of Flight Simulator X, the eagerly anticipated upgrade to the Games for Windows franchise giant (read the press release ). Joystiq points to enthusiast site, FSPlanet that has some screen shots you gotta check out......
  • Tales of Windows Media Center Program Management

    How embarrassing! How did that time bomb get into Vista anyway?

    As promised the story of how something like a time bomb slips through. Two words: Dual Projects Let’s set some basics on software development and define a few terms. I’m figuring most of you know this already but a baseline never hurt anyone...
  • Antimail

    The VDS API is now public on MSDN

    The VDS API is now live on MSDN ! What is it? VDS offers a COM-based API for volume, disk and LUN management in Windows Server 2003. In Windows Server 2003 R2, we also have additional integration with iSCSI targets and MPIO. For example, you can use...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Patches, get your patches!

    WMF exploit fixed here: Windows Update or Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-001
  • Antimail

    More news on holographic storage

    Forget the Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD battle. Think H-ROM. At CES, InPhase gave more hints on this technology in collaboration with Hitachi Maxell Ltd: InPhase will be the first company to deliver a holographic product for professional archive applications...
  • Tom Miller's Blog


    Although it is probably a mistake, I've put my Xbox Live Gamertag on my blog page. Despite my potentially obvious bias, I'm quite pleased with the new console. For all of you still waiting to get theirs, if it makes you feel any better, I just got mine...
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