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  • One Louder

    Answering Tricky Interview Questions

    Article by Kate Lorenz on MSN (article not related to Microsoft recruiting directly). This article in right on the money. I have been telling people for years "Anticipate interview questions. Write them down. Practice answering". Thinking back to my...
  • Hilmars hjørne

    And they are off...

    Med et brag af en 4-timers session startede Bill Gates og Jim Allchin så endelig PDC 2005. Og der gik ikke længe før de første annonceringer var på storskærmen. Blandt andet vidste de for første gang Office 12 offentligt. Jeg har set det før, og mit indtryk...
  • .NET Security Blog

    RequestOptional Removes Permissions

    Another interesting question arose today. An assembly was granted FullTrust by policy, which was confirmed by CasPol. Yet it was being prevented from calling code in non-APTCA assemblies. Turns out that the code in question had an assembly level RequestOptional...
  • Ian Moulster's blog

    What's hot from day 2 at the PDC?

    Ok, 10 more things to be aware of that were talked about today (again in no particular order, and again these are just my personal views, take careful note of the disclaimer at the end of the posting!) And yes, I will be digging into these in more...
  • What's in Store

    Performance, Performance, Performance

    You guessed it right from the title. This posting is all about WinFS performance and will answer the following questions: What does it mean for WinFS to perform? How do we measure performance? And most importantly how can you help improve WinFS performance...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    The Future of WSS, SPS and CMS revealed at PDC

    There were several large announcements made at PDC that are very relevant to SharePoint and CMS customers. I'm personally super excited about this and to be part of this. Microsoft revealed Office "12" - client and servers and talked about our investment...
  • Scott Wiltamuth's Visual Studio blog

    Visual Studio Tools for Applications announcement

    I've worked at Microsoft long enough that some of the products I helped deliver are now a bit long in the tooth. As one of the people who helped deliver OLE Automation and Visual Basic for Applications (aka VBA), I was very happy to see today's announcement...
  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    First look to Microsoft Office "12" XML Schema Reference at the Office Developer Center

    Microsoft continues to invest deeply in XML in Office. The new release of Microsoft Office "12" Word®, Microsoft Office "12" Excel®, and Microsoft Office "12" PowerPoint® includes a set of XML schemas that comply with the W3C specifications. The XML schemas...
  • Directions on Digital Imaging

    Windows Color System

    On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the Windows Color System, the new color architecture in Windows Vista, jointly developed with Canon. The Windows Color System integrates state-of-the-art understanding of the human visual system with an open and flexible...
  • Leo's Rantings

    day three at the PDC

    Another day at the PDC, another set of exciting events. I started the day early again, though we made it to the morning's keynote a couple of minutes late. We did see, however, the introduction and demonstration of various designer tools, including the...
  • SpeechLead

    Cool PDC demos coming

    Rob and I are both in the speaker's work room at the PDC working on our demos. I can hear Rob talking to his computer - it's going to be a cool demo! My demo is pretty much set now (snippets and all). In the remaining time I'll work on my talking point...
  • SpeechLead

    Turned on comments for anonymous users

    I just turned on annonymous comments for my blog. Sorry for any inconvenience. - Philipp
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