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  • Outside The Cube

    Katrina survivors...

    MSNBC has a feature on the site for people looking for others and also for those wanting to tell loved ones they are safe.
  • What's in Store

    What a week

    Wow, what a week. I find it hard to describe the feeling that we've been having on the WinFS team this week. It's almost like we've all been keeping a great secret that we're just dying to share, and now we finally can. For those of you that didn't...
  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    Free Training CD from AppDev

    Even more great offers. Microsoft and AppDev , a leading developer training company, have partnered to give away a free ASP.NET 2.0 using Visual Basic 2005 Beta 2 Training CD or ASP.NET 2.0 using C# 2005 Beta 2 CD . From the AppDev web site: “See why...
  • amivora's WebLog

    The Team

    After just posting about both Rich and Payam, I realized that I hadn’t actually explained who they are. The Web Services Strategy team is currently made of me, Richard Turner , and Payam Shodjai, working under Ari Bixhorn. Rich and Payam both used to...
  • amivora's WebLog

    Indigo Roadshow: SoCal

    Last week, Payam Shodjai and I did the third stop of the roadshow in Orange County , CA . It was a little quieter than our other roadshow stops so far, but we got some great questions. One question in particular that both Payam and I couldn’t answer for...
  • amivora's WebLog

    Indigo Roadshow

    I think that brings us more or less to today, and why I was trapped in Atlanta airport overnight. The current big thing I’m working on is the Indigo User Group tour: we’re sending a couple speakers from the Web Services Strategy team on a ten-city tour...
  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    Free ASP.NET Learning Challenges for Visual Basic .NET Developers

    If you have not already heard, InnerWorkings is providing a collection of ASP.NET learning challenges for Visual Basic .NET developers . InnerWorkings offers migration resources for VB developers – FREE to MSDN users for a limited time! You also get...
  • Brad McCabe's WebLog

    C++ 2005 Express and Half Life Moding

    I have never been a big computer gamer, that is why I have an XBox, but this announcement yesterday is pretty neat. Numerous folks here at Microsoft have been working with Valve, the creators of Half Life and Counter-Strike, to make Visual C++ 2005...
  • amivora's WebLog


    Next on the list was TechEd Orlando, where Indigo and the Distributed Systems Group were part of the Connected Systems Infrastructure track. I was lucky enough to do a demo in Bob Muglia’s general session. In that talk, I presented a healthcare...
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    Publisher Object Model Overview Article Now Live on MSDN

    Yesterday saw the publication of my penultimate article on Publisher 2003, 7 Things Developers Should Know About the Publisher 2003 Object Model, Part 1. If you're an Office developer new to the Publisher object model (or new to Publisher in general), this article and its sequel aim to give you a quick overview of the unique aspects of the Publisher developer story....
  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Please check out these Katrina Survivor sites, as this blog was never intended to be a survivor-list site

    • 0 Comments has a Katrina Survivor-Connector List at the following mirror sites or . These sites are being hit very heavily, so please respect those looking...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Windows 2003 R2 Release candidate 0 disponible en téléchargement

    La RC0 de Windows 2003 R2 est disponible cf
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