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  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Exchange 12 information now on Exchange Blog!

    The Exchange team Blog now contains some excellent information on the enhancements planned in Exchange 12 (the version after the current Exchange 2003 release) They are first talking about Exchange 12's support for 64-bit ! Check it out at: http...
  • fontblog

    Introducing the Irony Mark

    Despite the less than positive comments for the Interrobang , I would like to advocate for more sentence-end punctuation options. I spend a lot of time communicating in writing with email and IM, and wish I had more options for expression. Take the following...
  • Peter Hallam's WebLog

    What Do Programmers Really Do Anyway? (aka Part 2 of the Yardstick saga)

    Way back in 2002 when we started working on Whidbey, I captured my thoughts on the direction we should take for C# and Visual Studio in two large emails. In the first email The Yardstick I spent a lot of time saying that you must evaluate features against...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    A Wealth of Misinformation

    A Wealth of Misinformation (or, '4 Things I'm Glad I Didn't Blog') Zachary Rodgers : "I've noticed a spike in the level of misinformation circulating about online media and advertising companies. In the last three days alone, we've had reports...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    MSBuild in Visual Studio Part 14: Managing Project Files

    One last little interesting piece of information on how Visual Studio uses MSBuild relates to the loading of project files. Each project file loaded shares the same MSBuild Engine object within Visual Studio. In addition, when we find a project-to-project...
  • Rob Caron

    Accessing Team Foundation Server

    In my Inbox today is this FAQ from Wade: I've already setup a Team Foundation Server, and it seems to be running great. Now I want to setup a developer workstation to work with it -- what version of Visual Studio should I install? To access Team...
  • Rob Caron

    Team Foundation Process Customization

    From Dave McKinstry (via Mickey Goussett’s Visual Studio Team System Links ): I was recently asked to provide some insight for a friend on process template customization. I pointed him to the documentation but promised the following short blog to round...
  • Kintan's

    tagclouds and beyond

    I've started to work with Web 2.0 technologies, primarily to learn more about them. I've recently posted about a popular concept called tagclouds. A few people have inquired about tagclouds on the right hand sidebar of Tagclouds are a simple...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Do you know this feature of the Document View Window?

    Open a PRG file with several procedures, functions or methods in the VFP editor. Open the Document View window (Tools->Document View). Right click on the Document View window and select “Sort by Location” Activate the edit window and hit Ctrl...
  • : Gregory (Gus) Class's Media Technology Blog

    New services cropping up for video distribution using WMDRM technology

    Starz has announced that they will be using the Internet to distribute their content to consumers. Their service, called Vongo will allow their users to download media that can then be used on Portable Media Centers. It costs around $10 a month for unlimited...
  • greggm's WebLog

    Explaining 'The Binding Handle Is Invalid'

    Today I want to try to give more insight into the 'Binding Handle Is Invalid' problem that a number of people have reported with the VS 2005 debugger. First, if all you care about is how to solve the problem: Enable the 'Terminal Services' service...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    A Note on Pair Programming

    Hi All - My colleague Neil Enns wanted me to drop a note about the fact that we've been experimenting with pair programming on the MSBuild team on certain tasks, and found it generally useful. I finally tried it out last week, pairing with Sumedh on...
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